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Good Groceries And Great Grub: Three Local Austin Food Shops To Try

Let’s be honest: In a city like Austin, you’re bound to find something that fits your dietary needs, and I like to do so at some of these local markets.

1. Whole Foods Market 

Yes, Whole Foods is on this local list. Did you know that Whole Foods was born right in the middle of downtown Austin? It’s true: In 1980, Whole Foods opened their doors and haven’t looked back since. With over 400 locations nationwide, they’re not going anywhere soon, and lucky for us. There are six Whole Foods locations within Austin city limits alone, so no matter where you are, there’s a Whole Foods nearby.

I love Whole Foods for quick meals because of their extensive salad and hot food bars. Often times there are specified Paleo and vegan dishes on the hot bar, and the flagship Lamar location has a slew of other small eateries inside the store offering tacos, sushi, BBQ, seafood, curry bowls, Italian and fresh juice or coffee. This is also a great place to load up on snacks and groceries as their Paleo options continue to grow.

Visit the massive flagship location while you’re downtown at 525 N Lamar Blvd.

2. Wheatsville Co-Op

Started in 1976, Wheatsville is the only retail food co-op in Texas, now boasting over 19,000 owners(!). Whether you’re a member/owner or not, you’ll find this place fully stocked with local produce, high quality meat, and all the health food goodies you could imagine. Wheatsville hopped on the train early and devoted an entire section to Paleo foods a couple of years back. They’ve got a great selection of dairy-free, vegan and Paleo-friendly ice creams here, too, including favorites from local brands like Lick and Nada-Moo, as well as a giant fridge full of kombucha made by local Texas favorites and national brands alike.

Wheatsville also has a salad and hot food bar, along with a bakery, and deli. Vegans go crazy for their popcorn tofu.

You can visit Wheatsville at the 3101 Guadalupe St. location or at the 4001 S Lamar Blvd location, conveniently located right off highway 290.

3. in.gredients

in.gredients is a fairly new Austin establishment, having just celebrated four years of business this past July, but their business model, partnered with Austin’s growing commitment to reducing waste and shopping small, should keep this place around for years to come. You won’t find a ton of packaged products on the shelves here, because in.gredients is all about “pre-cycling.” You bring a bag, a jar, a container of your choice from home, fill it, and you’re charged only for the amount you need. This cuts down on both food waste and package waste. You’ll find lots of fresh produce here, and a variety of products from local brands.

Not only is this spot great for grocery necessities, but they also serve beer and kombucha on tap, as well as pastries and small bites that you can enjoy out on their gorgeous patio. While you’re enjoying, the kids can play on the jungle gym beside the garden where in.gredients grow their own veggies!

in.gredients is located at 2610 Manor Road, just down the block from some of the best restaurants in Austin.


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