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Seven Reasons You Should Eat Bee Pollen

It is a favorite amongst wellness-minded folks. Here's why.

As the name might suggest, bee pollen is tiny balls of pollen produced by honeybees. It’s widely beloved within the wellness community, and works within an array of diets, from vegan to Paleo to pescatarian, and for good reason: Bee pollen boasts numerous wellness benefits, from improving athletic performance, increasing energy levels and even treating asthma. These benefits arise from bee pollen being comprised of over 40% protein and full of amino acids that the body can use and access easily, and it also containing all of the nutrients humans need to survive. Pretty cool, huh?! More detail below, should you need more proof.

1. It’s anti-inflammatory. Research has shown bee pollen can suppress inflammatory responses in the immune system, and can be used to treat acute and chronic conditions, giving ease to sufferers of toxicity and liver disease.

2. It can treat allergies. Counterintuitive as it may seem, bee pollen has been shown to reduce the presences of histamine, healing everything from asthma to sinus problems. Take a spoonful orally and watch your symptoms clear up.

3. It can curb cravings. Bee pollen is a sweet hit with a nutritional punch: It can be used to suppress your impulses to reach for that fifth cookie, and also curb the emotional need for a sweet indulgence.

4. It will ease tension. If it’s 5 pm and your boss has asked you to stay back late when you have dinner plans, cool it with the terse email response and have some bee pollen instead. It’s a natural stress reliever, working by improving the blood supply to nervous tissue and boosting mental capacity.

5. It will boost your metabolism. If you’re trying to heal your sluggish metabolism, bee pollen can help! It can stimulate the metabolic process and help to heal any chemical imbalances in the body that might be keeping your metabolism from firing on all cylinders.

6. It can increase your circulation. If you experience the tingling, numbing or stinging pain in your limbs, you might be suffering from poor circulation. Sufferers of this condition can find ease by adding bee pollen to the diet. It’s rich in the flavonoid rutin, which acts to build and strengthen the walls of your blood vessels.

7. It will improve your endurance. Whether you’re planning on tackling a marathon or just trying to push yourself a little further in the gym, bee pollen can be used to improve your athletic performance. With a nutritional profile of carbohydrates, protein and B vitamins, a spoonful of bee pollen can increase your strength, speed and endurance, and promote muscle growth.

Now, how to use bee pollen? Fresh, high quality bee pollen is readily found in most health food stores. It’s sweet and makes the perfect addition to smoothies, deserts, or sprinkled on top of full fat Greek yogurt. Once you try bee pollen, you may find yourself, like me, taking a couple of teaspoons each day and enjoying every moment!

Have you tried to added bee pollen into your diet? What’s your favorite way to take it?


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