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We share the freshest healthy living hacks to help you feel relaxed, nourished and fit every day, curated from a team of contributing health coaches, world travelers, foodies, yoga instructors, nutritionists, personal trainers, wellness experts and all-around positive people.

About the Founder

Carly Shankman

Carly is dedicated to healing the world, one bunch of kale and downward dog at a time. Her personal wellness journey began when she turned to the power of real food and mindful living to ease an extreme sugar addiction.

Carly is currently traveling the world with her husband Ross, running Kale.Life (along with her personal blog and coaching program) from the nearest Internet connection available. A certified holistic health coach, applied clinical nutritionist and yoga teacher, Carly is also the creator of the wildly popular online cleanse program 12 Days to Sexy.