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Found: A Line Of All Natural Scents We Can't Get Enough Of

Made with love, and great care, in Austin.

While I am a big fan of beauty products (and of trying everything once), one item fails to make my list of high-priority items: Perfume.

This was not always the case. Back in high school and college, perfume was a daily must for me—a product, perhaps, of growing up with a mother who prided herself on being fully put-together before greeting even my dad, and saw a spritz of something was almost a necessity. But, as I got a little older, and as I made yoga a daily part of my life, perfume dropped off of things that I cared to implement into my routine. Mainly because smelling like anything while practicing yoga can be annoying, distracting, and possibly unpleasant to those around you. So, every perfume I received as a gift over the years went into my cabinet, gathering dust and going unused.

That changed when I popped into one of the many small boutiques that line South Congress Street in Austin. The shop carried a number of products that were locally made, and a simple set of glass bottles from West Third Brand caught my eye. The brand’s array of “Smell Good Daily” scents intrigued me, as did their out-of-the-ordinary names: Gypsy Soul, Leather Rose, Tobacco 1812. I immediately liked what I smelled, too: The scents were unique and natural in a way that didn’t smell like something manufactured in a lab. My absolute favorite—and current signature all natural perfume—was Sandalo Tuberosa, which has notes of sandalwood, smoky patchouli, and vetiver (dreamy, I know). It was light and perfect for everyday wear—not too strong, but just enough to make me catch a pleasant whiff of it throughout the day.

smell good daily
Smoky Fig Body Spray 2oz by West Third
Fig infused with other bright aromas.

West Third Brand creates more than just their signature hand-crafted scents, which—by the way—can take months to make, and are blended in limited batches. The Austin-based company also has a range of all-natural products, including face masks, shave oil, and facial washes made with all-natural, non-toxic, and cruelty-free ingredients, right in the Texas Hill Country.

“Everything is created, bottled, labeled by the touch of human hands,” says founder Michael Loring Probst. “Our craft is a labor of love, a personal journey, it’s our heart on our sleeves, our desire to share, our vulnerability exposed. Fragrance building takes time, nurturing, patience, endurance, and most times, many, many tries before the definitive product is born…”

The simplistic packaging, alluring names, and carefully-picked ingredients make these scents a big YES in my book. So if you’ve been on the hunt for a new scent to call yours, go check out West Third Brand. And consider this anti-perfume girl a complete convert now.

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