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The Spring Tutorial: How To Artfully Arrange A Bunch Of Tulips In A Vase, According To A Floral Designer

Calling all flower lovers....

Spring is finally here in New York (at least technically), and good thing, because we are over cold season and dry, flaky skin. Time to bring on the spring cleaning (so necessary), spring produce (so good), and spring flowers (so needed). We tapped Jeeyun Lee of Blush Designs to share tips on how to arrange tulips in a vase (and why she agrees that plants are a must for any home).

You’re an expert on all things plants and flowers. Why, exactly, does having them around feel so good for the body and soul? Do you know?
Plants and florals make you smile. (Sometimes that’s all you need.) They’re sensory—sight, smell, and touch are all involved. And they purify the air!

Nothing says ‘spring’ quite like a tulip. Any tips for us non-florists looking to arrange our own tulips in a vase at home?
Funny you ask…!


tulips in a vase

What you need:

  • Tulips (we used about fifteen stems of pink parrot tulips for this arrangement, but the more the merrier!)
  • A cute vase (ours has approximately a 4″-diameter rim)
  • Clippers
  • Binding wire

What to do:

1. Clean up your tulips by stripping some of the outer foliage.

2. Start laying the tulips in your hands, one by one, and create a cluster.

tulips in a vase

3. Use binding wire to group the stems together and hold the arrangement. Go around the stems two or three times with the binding wire, using approximately 1-½ feet of wire. Twist the binding wire and tie it together, then trim any excess wire with the clippers.

tulips in a vase

4. Put your tulips next to your vase to determine the height you want, then cut the tulip stems accordingly. Pro tip: It’s always better to start longer, and cut back. Tulips are one of the few flowers whose stems actually grow after they’re cut.

tulips in a vase

5. Place tulips in a vase 2/3-3/4 full of water.

6. Change out water and trim stems every two days to keep flowers fresh.

tulips in a vase

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