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Worth A Try: Three Tips To Avoid Overeating

End the cycle of overeating, and reclaim the power of your magnificent body!

Have you ever found yourself eating spoonfuls of ice cream when you’ve sworn off sugar? Or craving that third piece of chocolate even though you’re full? Me too. (I think it is safe to say we’ve all been there.)

Overeating can be a completely normal and natural part of life. There are days you’re hungrier than others, there are other days you’ll want to celebrate that promotion with a piece of cake or your friend’s birthday with a few too many drinks. In other words? Wanting to celebrate or cope with life’s challenges with food at times is not a problem, with the key words here being ‘at times’. When overeating becomes more than the occasional indulgence, it can begin to undermine your healthy lifestyle.

The need to eat more than your body needs to function (and enjoy life) is not usually driven by a biological need; it is usually an indication that something deeper is going on. Overeating can leave you feeling depleted and dejected, and (as we all know) it isn’t good for your waistline, either. Having your body in a constant ‘fed’ state means it is using your food for fuel, rather than drawing on your fat stores, which is what you want if you’re trying to shift some weight.

Traditional advice to curb overeating could be taking a bath or calling a friend, but when it’s 3pm on a Monday and you’re eating your eighth raw energy ball, well, a lot of the traditional advice isn’t applicable. Here are some steps you can take to break the overeating cycle.

1. Do something that makes you happy. Spend time on blogs that inspire you. Check out your favorite online store; you don’t have to buy anything but even peeking through, say, the new arrivals can kill that 15 minutes that you need to get over a food craving. It’s also important to stop, take a breath and recognize that there are many things in your life that give you joy beyond food.

2. Tune into your emotions. Are you stressed? Is something in your physical environment encouraging you to overeat? Are you in need of comfort? Stress can be one of the major causes of overeating, particularly in the workplace. If you’re under the pump and looking for relief in food, it might help to find relief in a way that is more aligned to your health goals. Shake things up and give yourself three minutes to silently rock out to your favourite jam. (It might be even more satisfying than your favorite snack.)

3. Reconnect with your body. Strengthen your mind/body connection by taking a quick walk or doing twenty squats. Connecting to your body and really being within yourself can help you discover how you’re really feeling and connect to what else you may want, besides that mint choc chip. Moving your body also serves as an extra workout .


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