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Make Your Home A Natural Oasis: The Five Best Indoor Plants To Buy

Bring the outdoors in for a lot of calm—and only a little work.

It’s not difficult to make a case for keeping plants in your home. Plants purify the air, replacing carbon dioxide with oxygen and facilitating easier (and cleaner) breathing. Plants can help reduce stress and anxiety levels, and make you feel happy and contented. And plants just look nice, and chic, and green, and home-y. What is a bit more difficult, of course, is keeping said plants alive. Here, the best indoor plants to buy (that won’t easily die on you).

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Make Your Home A Natural Oasis: The Five Best Indoor Plants To Buy

1. Aloe Like most succulents, aloe does not require much water, and is capable of growing at room temperature. In other words: You won’t have to do much to keep it alive. That said, make sure that you keep it near a window that receives ample sunlight. Bonus: Handy to have around when you accidentally burn yourself, too; just snap off on of the leaves and utilize the gel you’ll find inside.

2. English Ivy Elegant to look at, but also easy to plant and take care of, too. Keep its soil moist, and the air in the room where it lives cool, and it should grow without any issues. Bonus: You can gift it to others as well just by cutting a section of its stem.

3. Rubber Tree Another easy, breezy houseplant, a rubber tree can grow to a height of eight feet if its growth remains unchecked. You can always give it the shape of a shrub by cutting off the stems of the rubber tree that have grown too long.

4. Peace Lily This indoor plant that does not require much light, but you will need to water it regularly since it thrives in moist soil. Bonus: The white blooms of the peace lily ensure that you will have a thing of beauty to look at when you wake up in the morning.

5. Ficus A chic and cheerful option that does not require much watering—it can survive for days on end without needing any water— but does require a decent amount of sunlight. Be sure to keep it near a window. Bonus: This tall, giant-leafed tree instantly updates your home décor.


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