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Here Are The Best Natural Deodorants To Try

Because the best natural deodorants are even better than Secret.

Maybe you like the scent of natural deodorants better than the powdery stuff, or maybe you’re just trying to incorporate more all-natural ingredients into your routine. For whatever reason you’re thinking to step out of your drugstore antiperspirant rut, there’s never been a better time to try all-natural deodorants. It feels like only 10 years ago, the only natural deodorant options out there were crystals and hope, but now we have so many options for staying stink-free it seems almost overwhelming.

While theories that the aluminum present in traditional antiperspirants and deodorants were leading to cases of breast cancer have been found baseless, there are a few instances where natural deodorants have a leg up on the traditional stuff. Aluminum has been shown to have a negative effect on bone mineralization and neurological development when exposed to newborns, so pregnant women and new parents might want to make the switch. Then there’s the matter of ecological impact and simple preference. Natural deodorants are typically made by smaller companies with a stronger focus on responsible sourcing and smaller footprints.

But let’s state the obvious right here and right now—none of these products will make you stop sweating. The lack of aluminum means these aren’t antiperspirants, so if you’re looking for dry underarms you might need to stick to the other stuff. Perfect for cooler temperatures, though, these are the best-smelling, longest lasting, most-loved natural deodorants on the market.

Lavilin This somewhat pricey deodorant hails from Israel, and has its fans swearing up and down that it works miracles, so I’m going to pretend that this is a product that Gal Gadot uses and maybe that’s why she’s so magical. I’ve used this product off and on throughout the years and I can safely attest to the fact that it does not make my underarm sweat stinkier than usual. The 72-hour element isn’t something I was ever willing to really push (I applied it every day, 72 hours be damned). All in all, I’d say this is the product I was most satisfied with. BONUS: the company has a vegan version of their product AND creates a whole line of aluminum-free deodorants—even foot deodorant.

Stuff We Love
Lavilin Deodorant Roll On 2.1 Oz
Perfect for health/eco-conscious consumers.

Tom’s Ah, you never forget your first. Whether toothpaste or deodorant, Tom’s of Maine was most likely everyone’s first experience with an all-natural brand—due to being widely available in most drug stores. This deodorant is the go-to for one of my self-proclaimed hippie BFFs because it’s aluminum-free, but has been known to cause skin irritation on another friend. I’m sure the wide variety of scents (Fresh Meadow, Wild Lavender, Tea Tree, and more) will help even the pickiest person find the one for them.

Stuff We Love
Tom's Women's Antiperspirant Stick
Contains antimicrobial olive leaf extract.

Earth Science For those with sensitive skin, this is the pick for you. It has non-irritant claims and goes on smooth (not gritty), though some note that the tea tree can cause a bit of stinging upon application.

Stuff We Love
Earth Science: Natural Deodorant
Lavender 2.45 oz (2 pack)

Crystal Body Deodorant The longest-lasting natural deodorant on this list, this classic “crystal” is tried and true. I’ve known one stick of this mineral salt deodorant has been known to last almost a year. This stuff might be the least effective in stopping sweatiness, but thanks to a hypoallergenic formula, you’ll be free of smelliness, never experience irritation, and avoid the dreaded yellow staining traditional antiperspirants leave behind.

Stuff We Love
Crystal Body Unscented Deodorant
Safe for people with sensitive skin.

Vapour AER With chic, alluring scents like Palo Santo Blood Orange, Lavender Myrrh, and Ginger Grapefruit this brand almost pulls double duty as deodorant and perfume. It’s silky, lightweight, and battles smelly bacteria thanks to natural antibacterial ingredients like organic oregano.

Stuff We Love
Vapour Organic Beauty AER Deodorant
Lavender Myrrh
With natural deodorant in hand, here are a few more natural products to enjoy:


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