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The Best Piece Of Advice That RUMI X Founder Melissa Chu Ever Received

... and other secrets to her success, such as a good stretch and a glass o' vino at the end of the day. Here, the woman behind the eco-chic activewear brand (and its #feelgoodmovement) tells us how, exactly, she does it all.

Drive, focus, and passion are needed to achieve one’s dreams, but so is execution. No one knows that better than RUMI X founder Melissa Chu. She turned her wellness goals into a reality, and founded an eco-friendly performance-apparel company that makes people look and feel good, inside and out (hence, the #feelgoodmovement). No small feat, we assure you. When asked about how she got where she is today, Chu is quick to point out that honoring and pursuing what makes you truly happy is key to living a successful life.

“RUMI X was born out of my three passions: spirituality, yoga, and nature. Blending these elements is what ultimately inspired the brand. I wanted to develop something that spoke to the devotion of my practice and honor my source of energy from spirituality, while simultaneously ensuring that our products were environmentally impactful and contributing to the solution, not being part of the problem,”says Chu. “RUMI X is about living a mindful lifestyle, taking care of yourself within, and being good to the world around you. We take care of our body, mind, and soul, and we take care of others around us to feel good.”

More on what makes her feel good, below.

What helps you lead a happy and whole life?
1. Going on long hikes with my dog.

2. Getting to bed by 10:30pm—it’s amazing what a difference eight hours of sleep feels like!

3. Traveling.

The food that’s always in your kitchen? 
Eggs, coconut oil, and kale!

Your favorite way to move?
Stretching—it feels so good after a long, tiring day of sitting at my desk.

Where you go to reset, refresh, and refuel?
The beach. I love basking in the sun or playing fetch with my dog in the sand and water.

A place you can’t wait to explore?

Your wellness muse?
My mom, because she’s always experimenting with crazy East-meets-West concoctions and natural remedies in the kitchen.

How do you unwind after a long day?
I enjoy a glass of red wine.

The endeavor that nourishes your soul?
Running a company that is trying to make a difference: RUMI X!

The best piece of advice you ever received?
It was from a fellow San Francisco entrepreneur named Jon B. about starting your own company. He said: “It’s not about the idea, everyone has good ideas. People come up with good ideas every day. It’s all about the execution.”

My takeaway from his advice was to not overthink how good my idea was, but rather, to take action and see it through.

Image via Rumi X Instagram.

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