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The FYI: How To Care For Your Essential Oils

Help them help you.

When I left on my first trip in 2010 with a one-way flight to India, the only first-aid kit I brought were my essential oils. Those oils truly were a life-saver and supported me through upset stomachs, bug bites, unfamiliar food, fevers, body aches, low energy, and the day-to-day needs of exploring a new territory.

So when I left a few years later with a one-way flight to Costa Rica, I headed out with my trusty bag of oils and was ready to rock. But what happened over that time was that I left the oils in their original travel bag where they were all thrown in together, and some of the oils had seeped out, causing the labels to peel and be unreadable. When I reached in my bag to use an oil, my hands would get covered in unknown oils and I couldn’t ever find the one I needed. Therefore, I didn’t want to use them.

As I headed out of Austin for an unknown amount of time of travel and exploration, I decided to take focused care as to how and where my essential oils are stored. Luckily, before I left, a friend gifted me a bag that has a bunch of different holes, or slots, so that each oil has its own home. I can even label the top of the oils so I know exactly where each oil is. I’ve found the key is to store your oils with the same intention and love you’d like to receive from their benefits, whether that means storing them in a bag from etsy, make one yourself or placing on shelves in a prominent place in your home. It’s like with most things: You get out what you put in. If you let them toss around in a bag, or keep them in a hot car, or store them in a corner of your home you never visit, it lessens their ability to do what they are meant to do for you and your health.

This is really about the simplicity of caring for them the way you want them to care for you.

The takeaways here? 

  • Put your essential oils somewhere visible.
  • Don’t keep them anywhere that is too hot or too cold.
  • Care for them the way you want them to care for you.


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