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Real Life Inspiration: Why Carol Han Swears By #YogaEveryDamnDay

All the motivation you need to up your yoga game.

If there’s anyone who truly embodies the live-your-best-life motto we aspire to here at Kale.Life, it’s Carol Han. The smart, talented, beautiful (and flexible) yoga teacher-in-training is one of my personal wellness muses. She cooks homemade meals with healthy, seasonal ingredients and blogs about them on her lifestyle site, Milk & Mode, does #YogaEveryDamnDay, and travels the world over to experience life from different vantage points. By practicing what she preaches, she inspires friends and followers alike to be their best self, a trait I admire and respect deeply.

In addition to being a yoga devotee, Han is the managing partner of CA Creative, a NYC-based digital and social media agency for luxury and lifestyle brands. Before cofounding the company in 2010, she spent eight years as a fashion editor at industry-leading publications such as ELLE, Lucky, and StyleCaster. This explains her amazing sense of style, both on and off the yoga mat.

Read on for what motivates her, plus the tried-and-true roast chicken recipe by which she swears.

Talk to us about the good stuff. What do you do regularly that helps you lead a happy and whole life?
I cook most of the meals I eat and use the best ingredients I can find from my favorite grocers and farmers’ markets. Veering away from takeout has made a huge difference in my life. I also meditate and journal most mornings, which sets me off on a calm, centered path for the rest of my day. And I have a daily yoga practice to which I’m super committed. I go to Yoga Shanti in the Flatiron almost every weekday at noon, and I’ve also done the Teacher Training there, which was an incredibly rich experience. Additionally, I love just spending time with my boyfriend. We have this super-solid relationship and friendship, and there’s something about his presence that always makes me really calm and happy.

Ok: Food. What’s your go-to recipe? The superfood that’s always in your kitchen?
I love roasting a mustard chicken on the weekends and whipping up a batch of magic green sauce to go along with it! I mix up some really good butter with a sharp, strong French mustard and slather it all over the chicken and under the skin. Sprinkle on some Maldon salt and freshly ground black pepper. Throw some fresh herbs like thyme in the cavity along with a few crushed garlic cloves and a lemon half. Roast at 450F for ten minutes, reduce the temp to 350F and roast for twenty minutes per pound. So foolproof and delicious.

The superfood that’s always in my kitchen is homemade almond milk, which I use in so many ways, but I love heating it gently and whisking some Sun Potion powders in it like their Ashwagandha. They also have a super yummy cacao blend that is heavenly. I’ll throw in a squeeze of local honey and some coconut butter for creaminess.

Your favorite way to move?
My yoga practice—it has truly done so much for me over the years, both physically and mentally.

Your go-to yoga poses?
Handstand because it’s an ongoing journey for me, and a bit of a moving target!
Pigeon with a block under my chest.
And Parivrtta Janu Sirsasana because it leaves me with so much space in my side ribs and chest.

The one place on earth you can always count on to help you reset, refresh, and refuel?
I love going home to Hawaii where I grew up. I stay with my mom when I’m there, and there’s nothing like getting fed home-cooked meals, sleeping in my childhood bedroom, and revisiting all of my old haunts (beautiful beaches included) to get me grounded. I have this really inspiring group of girlfriends from high school there that I cherish. I love getting to see them—it’s way too rare of an occasion.

Your wellness muse?
All of my yoga teachers! I have a really diverse, amazing, beautiful group of yoga teachers to which I owe so much. They are full of wisdom, humor, kindness and sass. I love them all, and feel really lucky to have found them.

The travel destination you can’t wait to explore? (or explore again?)
I’m spending a couple of weeks on the beach in Formentera this summer, and I’m so excited! Apparently, it’s a really sleepy, bohemian little town with the best food and beautiful waters.

How do you relax and unwind after a long day?
I try not to make plans during the weekdays too often. I really appreciate being able to go straight home after a hectic day at the office to take a long, leisurely walk on the water with my dog (I live in DUMBO, and the waterfront there is so gorgeous). I’ll then FaceTime with my boyfriend if he’s in London (where he lives at the moment), do a short foam-roller session (Lauren Roxburgh’s method is great), and cook dinner (sometimes for friends who will pop over). And then I’ll let myself relax with a good movie and a bowl of popcorn, or read, or take a long bubble bath.

The hobby or endeavor that nourishes your soul:
I have so many—I love writing and reading, playing the piano on the rare occasion I can get my hands on an instrument, yoga, and travel. I love escaping upstate on the weekends—being surrounded by all of that nature is so good for the soul—and my dream project is to find an old house up there on acres of land and spend some time restoring and renovating it.


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