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In Case You Don't Know, Banana Ice Cream Is A Thing: Here Are Four Ways To Make It

Sorry we waited until August to share this with you!

Banana ice cream—or ‘nice cream’—is every health junkie’s favorite summer treat. The soft-serve, dairy-free concoction is truly more than the sum of its parts. By some stroke of culinary witchcraft (and a high-performance blender), frozen fruit transforms into pure heaven. And, if you’re feeling adventurous, you can push the gate by trying these three funky mix-ins: Dark Chocolate Cinnamon, Cherry Trifle, Kefir & Honey.

First things first: We recommend stocking your freezer with any and all spotty bananas that come your way. If you love nice cream, or smoothies, or any other naturally-sweetened creation, having a constant supply of this magic ingredient is key. Even better, you can usually buy spotty bananas at a discounted rate and/or purchase them in bulk: Grocery stores somehow haven’t yet realized how nutritionally perfect and flavorful bananas are at this stage of ripening. If you can’t find ripe ones, buy the under-ripe green or yellow kind and let them ripen to perfection at home; placing them inside of a paper bag will speed up the process. When they’re nice and spotty and ready, you can freeze them.

For context, I personally buy 8-10 bunches of discounted, very ripe bananas every month. When I return home, I immediately peel and freeze the entire load. By doing this heavy-lifting once a month, I save money and never run out of my favorite ingredient.



  • 2-3 very ripe, frozen bananas
  • 1 spoon of chia seeds
  • 1/2 scoop of vanilla protein powder or a few drops of vanilla extract
  • Water or plant milk, as needed


  • High-Performance blender with tamper tool or food processor


  1. Break the frozen banana pieces into smaller chunks and place in the blender or food-processor. (A couple very important notes: Only attempt if you have a high-performance appliance [i.e. a Vitamix, Blendtech, or Nutribullet], otherwise you run the risk of overheating and/ or breaking a cheaper machine. Also: Two – three bananas are necessary to give the blender enough volume to do its job. One banana simply isn’t enough to fill space and catch the blades.)
  2. Begin blending on low, using the tamper tool to push down the banana pieces into the blades. If using a food-processor, stop every ten seconds to scrape down the sides, and repeat. The first minute is the loudest, and the most tricky. If you need to, add a little splash of water or plant milk to help the process.
  3. Once you see the bananas turn from chunks into a lumpy mixture, turn up the speed and blend it into a soft-serve consistency. Really crank the speed near the end to create a whirlpool effect in the blender and make the texture perfectly smooth.
  4. Scoop out and serve immediately. Banana ice cream melts fast.




  • A splash of any plant milk
  • 2 spoons of cacao powder
  • 3-4 squares of dark chocolate
  • A big pinch of cinnamon
  • Stevia drops, to taste


  1. In a small saucepan, combine the plant milk, cacao powder, dark chocolate, and cinnamon over low heat.
  2. Melt until smooth and silky. Add a few drops of stevia and swirl everything together. There will be a very little amount, but it’s powerful enough to flavor the nice cream. Let the hot chocolate cool for a few minutes before continuing.
  3. Follow the same steps of the Basic Recipe, only adding the chocolate mixture the blender.
  4. Serve and garnish with more chocolate squares.

Dark chocolate banana ice cream



  • 1 big handful of fresh cherries


  1. De-pit the cherries and add to the blender before the bananas. This will help the blades turn more easily.
  2. Follow the same steps of the Basic Recipe.
  3. To serve, spoon half of the nice cream in a glass, add a layer of de-pitted and sliced cherries or berries, and top with the other half of nice cream. Garnish with more fresh cherries on top.

Cherry banana ice cream



  • 3 spoons of goat milk kefir
  • 2 spoons of honey


  1. Follow the same steps of the Basic Recipe, only adding the goat milk kefir, and one spoon of honey to the blender.
  2. When serving, garnish with the second spoonful of honey. It will turn into a sticky toffee.

Kefir and honey banana ice cream



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