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Why You, Too, Should Consult The Medicinal Chef Before Cooking (Or, Heck, Even Grocery Shopping)

As Hippocrates once said, "Let food be thy medicine, and medicine thy food”.

Those of us who choose to embrace a healthy lifestyle know the importance of good food. We can usually take one look at the food at any given supermarket, and just know whether a product is a good carb or a bad carb or contains healthy fat or unhealthy fat. Test us on what to add into our morning smoothie and we will score top marks.

But do we totally understand the health benefits of a certain combination of ingredients?  Do we know what we should be consuming if we have a specific health concern? I do, thanks to the Medicinal Chef, who is always in my kitchen with me.

The only book you may ever need
The Medicinal Chef
Eat your way to better health.

Dale Pinnock is a leading nutritionist and general food lover who is a passionate advocate of discovering the beneficial effects that food has on general health. Boasting degrees in Human Nutrition and Herbal Medicine, Dale combines scientific knowledge with culinary expertise to demonstrate how food can be the most enjoyable medicine.

His goal, in his own words, is to “look at the science regarding what foods can be useful during specific physiological events and diseases, what dietary changes we can make when faced with health challenges, and then combining all of this information with my culinary skills to actually create something practical that people can use in their day to day life. Still enjoying their food, knowing that what they are doing is relevant to their health concerns. It’s not about alternatives, it’s not about false promises or miracle cures, it’s about giving some simple and enjoyable tools to move towards better heath, with a full belly and a smile on our face”.

All of the stellar recipes in his cookbooks are broken down by a colored key code to indicate which of the body systems and specific conditions it is most beneficial for. He details thirty ailments and medical conditions—and the foods that have been identified as having a significant role in helping to manage said conditions. Each condition is indexed to the most effective recipes, as well as key general foods to include in your diet for that particular condition.

As a sufferer of a chronic condition, it is important for me to have access to resources like this cookbook that highlight what, exactly, I should be eating to address the different conditions that affect my body. That said, this cookbook is fantastic for anybody who wants to give their body a healthy boost. All of the chapters are easily divided up into what you want to eat, be it a quick lunch, a healthy snack or a full on main course. Dale also includes some pretty great wellbeing tips as well, including how to handle the dreaded hangover and fatigue from that late-night party!!


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