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Get Fit: Ten Daily Positive Affirmations To Try

We all know the phrase "You are what you eat", but have you ever considered you are what you... think?

No? Let us explain. “You are what you think” is the idea that every thought that enters your head shapes the way you experience life. When you wake up tired and crabby, thinking about all the reasons you should just stay in bed, you are setting yourself up for a pretty average day. (At best.) When you wake up simply determined to have the BEST DAY EVER, however, chances are you’ll have a pretty great day. (At least.)

The practice of daily affirmation  or, in other words, positive thinkin is thought to rewire the brain, literally changing the way you experience the world. It stands to reason, then, that affirmations can be incredibly powerful when looking to form healthy habits, such as working out  especially as the weather gets cooler, and that bed gets cozier, and your motivation to exercise gets harder to find.

Our advice for ensuring you get out of bed, lace up those sneaks and have a good shot at a great day? Use this power of affirmation. Think about what a brilliant workout you’re about to have, and how wonderfully fit you are. Reminding yourself that exercise brings you joy can help you avoid the snooze button.

Here, 10 daily positive affirmations to get yourself moving literally — every morning:

  1. I am happy, healthy and fit.
  2. I flow with ease.
  3. I am lean, toned and strong.
  4. I enjoy exercise, and move with ease.
  5. Exercise centers me.
  6. I value my body, and I move to feel good.
  7. Everything I need is deep within myself.
  8. I have deep reserves to draw on.
  9. My body thrives when it is moving.
  10. Exercise is the greatest way I show myself love.

These affirmations can be used individually, or you create a combination of your own based on your personal preferences and needs. Either way, make the words true to you. Say them every day, and say them with conviction. In simply thinking that you have the strong, toned and fit body of your dreams, you will make it a part of your reality.

Tell us: What daily positive affirmations do you practice?

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