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For Delicious And Healthy Hydration, Try This Kale Infused Water (Yes, Really)

Because we area always looking for another way to include this leafy green in our daily diet.

If kale infused water isn’t the Next Big Thing, well, it should be. For starters, kale boasts more iron than beef and more calcium than milk (!); it provides a high level of antioxidants for healthy cell maintenance, vitamin K to protect against cancer, vitamins A and C for overall immune and internal health, and high fiber.

The leafy green is also high in minerals such as folate, magnesium and potassium, which can assist in cell rejuvenation, blood purification and regulating the production of energy and DNA-building mechanisms in the body. And infused water provides a more efficient way for our bodies to absorb the nutrition of fruits and vegetables, as the minerals of the food are more readily carried by water molecules than vitamins.

So, to infuse water with kale will allow for absorption of these beneficial nutrients, all while hydrating your body.

Kale Infused Water

Below, a couple of our favorite recipes, although we also recommend exploring your own alchemy of infusions. Citrus fruits, for example, make for excellent combinations, cucumber is another great green to add, and apple adds a light tang to your drink.

Oh, and a few quick tips before you get started: Tear the kale leaves to allow the flavor and minerals to be released. Don’t allow the water to warm to room temperature, as this may lead to bacteria growth from the fruits and vegetables in your water. And opt for filtered water where possible to maintain the purity of your healthy drink.


Mint supports digestion and freshens the breath, and lemon protects the immune system and boosts metabolism and detoxes the liver.


  • Mint
  • Lemon
  • Kale water


Add a handful of fresh mint leaves, a generous squeeze of lemon juice, half a lemon and 2-3 kale leaves to a large jug of filtered water.


Berries contain a high amount of anti-oxidants and make the water taste sweet and extra-delicious.


  • Fresh berries
  • Kale


Infuse filtered jug of water with a generous handful of your choice of berries (strawberries and mulberries are delicious together), along with 2-3 kale leaves.

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