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How To Drink More Water Every Day: Three Little Tricks

Because we are all SO thirsty (even if we don't know it).

Fact: We need to drink more water. All of us. The most consumed beverage, according to this Huffington Post piece, is carbonated soft drinks. (Still? Really!?) Bottled water ranks as third, almost equal to the amount of beer consumed per person per year. Yikes.

As a whole, our society and country are dehydrated. Instead of water, we rely on our morning coffee, energy drinks, soda, beer, wine and milk products to satiate our ache for hydration. Yet our bodies are 70% water, and so, without a consistent flow of real hydration to our brains, muscles, bones, skin, and connective tissue, our body cannot function optimally.

So! Armed with that information, here are three tips on how, where and when to drink that H20.

1. Drink water immediately upon waking. While you sleep, your body becomes dehydrated and needs to be refueled upon waking, but very few people properly rehydrate in the morning. Every morning for the next week, as soon as you wake up, even before your first cup of coffee, drink 16 ounces of water. It will ignite your metabolism, flush out toxins and hydrate your brain> It ill ensure you don’t mistake thirst for hunger and prevent you from reaching for that donut on your way out the door. 

2. Make the water taste better. I get it, the sweetness of soda, SmartWater or Gatorade can be more appealing than a cup of plain ol’ water. But there are other ways to spice (or fruit or veggie) it up: I often add a little lemon, orange, or tangerine essential oil to my water, or I might make a big jug of water with cucumbers and basil to sit in my fridge. Not only does it taste all good and refreshing, but it makes you feel like you are hanging out a tropical spa somewhere.

3. Buy a reusable water bottle. Having to buy water deters some people from drinking it. Put differently: If you don’t have to pay for water, it stands to reason you are likely to consume more. I fill up my Klean Kanteen at the water station 2 – 3 times to hydrate before hopping on a long flight, but I know I likely wouldn’t buy two $5 bottles of water from the over-priced airport vendor to get that same hydration. So get yourself a Swell, a canteen, or what have you, bring it with you where ever you go, and take advantage of the water stations or fountains you’ll come across in parks, malls, airports and coffeeshops. I guarantee you will end up drinking more water and in turn feel better.

our go-to water bottle
Klean Kanteen Water Bottle
Because we are all SO thirsty (even if you don't know it).


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