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Because Father's Day Is In Less Than A Week: Here Are The Best All-Natural Beard Grooming Products Under $20

A well-groomed man is a gift to you both.

A good beard is a mark of distinction. But as anyone who’s attempted it will tell you, growing one is not the type of thing you approach with abandon. Whether you’re going for something full and bushy or clean and cropped, a beard deserves careful attention and care. Beyond the occasional trimming, however, a beard needs pampering of a special sort. By nature, beards are typically thirsty creatures, and products like beard oil, shave soap, and beard wash can help keep them looking their best. We’ve put a bearded guinea pig to work to find the best all-natural beard oils, shave soaps, and beard washes. Here’s our best natural beard oil reviews.

Bulldog Original Beard Oil, $12.50

Bulldog—a man’s best friend. With a blend of soothing aloe, moisturizing camelina oil, and refreshing green tea, this oil softens, tames, and conditions. Our tester liked this option for its “grown up” scent, but noted that it was a bit hard to get out of the bottle. Best of all, this product is cruelty-free and was made in the U.K. by a company that’s won many accolades for its ethical conduct. All this makes this product appealing for more than just its moisturizing and beard-softening abilities.

Stuff We Love
Bulldog Original Beard Oil
Just like the barber shop.

Beard Buddy Beard Wash & Beard Oil, $11.87

Everything in this two-for-one package is vegan and crafted in small batches in Los Angeles. The starter pack contains an all-natural beard wash and beard oil in handy, travel-sized bottles. The wash kept our tester’s face fuzz clean and fresh-smelling, though he did note that its lathering properties weren’t exactly up to his standards, though that’s most likely due to its sulfate- and paraben-free ingredients. He followed up the routine with an application of Beard Buddy’s beard oil. I personally enjoyed the delicate scent (a hint of vanilla-citrus-cinnamon) but our guinea pig didn’t love it because it smelled “too much like the beach.” Apparently, that’s not what he’s looking for in a beard oil.

Stuff We Love
Beard Buddy Beard Wash & Beard Oil
All natural and organic starter pack.

Detroit Grooming Co. Shave Soap in Harbor Springs, $5.95

We found this on Amazon but now it seems to be no longer available there. This soothing vegetable-based bar contains rich shea butter and soy, as well as a high percentage of moisturizing glycerin to clean without drying or irritating the skin. Our beardy product tester has a rather vigorous neck beard, and the constant shaving takes a toll on his sensitive skin. This bar had far and away the favorite scent of all the products we tried—it fills our tiny Brooklyn bathroom with a subtle coconut and lime scent. Our tester enjoyed the refreshing experience of lathering this shave soap on his neck, and I noticed a lot less redness.

Stuff We Love
Detroit Grooming Co. Shave Soap
Made with shea butter and soy.

All in all, our product tester’s beard is now firmly in control. After a few weeks of testing, he’s noticed a softer beard, and as a person who is up close and personal to said beard on the regular, I can attest that he smells better than usual. These products are all great, budget-friendly, easy to use, and help any guy be bearded but never bushy.


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