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Here Are Five Easy-Breezy Ways You (Yes, You!) Can Help Take Care Of The Planet

Earth Day has always been the day to do a gut-check in regards to what you, personally, are doing to help the planet, but, JEEZ LOUISE, has there ever been a time where it was so clearly up to us to do so?

Without earth, we’d have no home. No way to breathe. No nourishment. No life. Now, more than ever, we need to support it as much as it supports us—which is precisely why Earth Day is so damn important. Especially this year’s Earth Day, which has a theme (yes, Earth Days have a theme each year!) of environmental and climate literacy. And never, perhaps, sadly, has there been so urgently important a theme to convey to the people of the world. Here, five easy ways to take care of your planet on April 22—and every day after.

Be social. Harness the power of many hands, create an impact and have fun. Create your own weekly or monthly trash walk group in your local community. Get a friend to join you in a recycling drive by collecting as much recycling as you can—maybe even make it a competition. Get your kids involved, create a community garden, start a green-group in your local community to brainstorm ideas!

Conserve water. We use water every single day; saving water starts in our own homes. Take shorter showers, turn the tap off whilst brushing your teeth, water your garden with dishwater, use water-saving toilet flushing and faucet devices.

Oh, and: Give up bottled water, guys. Bottling water uses a large amount of fossil fuels in production and transportation, and recyclable bottles still end up in landfills. Get yourself a sustainable refillable water bottle to fill up every day (you’ll save money in the long run too!).

Bring your own… everything. Bags for shopping, containers for takeaway meals and even bring your own cutlery. You can even take the pledge on to help end our obsession with disposable plastic.

Eat sustainably. Few people know that the meat industry generates nearly one-fifth of the worldwide, man-made greenhouse gas emissions. Limit your meat consumption and help to lessen the affect of the unsustainable practices of the mass agriculture sector of the economy. Grow your own veggies, have meat-free days, or go completely vegan!

Plant trees. Simple, right? Planting trees is said to be one of the easiest and most effective ways to fight climate change. Deforestation is responsible for 15% of greenhouse gas emissions, as well as creating species extinction and poverty. Trees improve our air quality, reduce urban overheating in cities and are just beautiful being to have around.

Our recommendation, in a nutshell? Spend Saturday planting a tree with a friend before having a vegan picnic with your own cutlery and refillable drink bottle.


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