Five Non-Toxic Beauty Products To Try Immediately

Everyone is talking about non-toxic beauty these days. And for good reason: The clean beauty stuff is GOOD - and generally free of the harmful antioxidants and sketchy animal testing and wasteful production practices you typically get from the original players in the Big Beauty biz.

Recently I had the pleasure of testing piles and piles of non-toxic beauty products in the name of finding the best ones of the moment. Because there is a lot out there, and not all are created equal. Luckily for me/you/everyone, my favorite form of self-care is slathering my face and body with lotions, potions, peels and masks and then staring deep into my pores to see if anything worked. I sampled everything from lip glosses and mascaras to serums and primers, and in my not professional, very small sample sized-opinion, I found the non-toxic skincare way more exciting than the non-toxic make-up. Read on to discover what my favorites were.

1. SUNDAY RILEY Good Genes Lactic Acid Treatment, $105 at Birchbox I got an IUD last November, less for the conviction that the government couldn’t take away my birth control and more because we have three kids. A weird thing that happened was that I got forehead acne, a side effect of the extra copper in my body. I’ve tried zinc supplements (to counter the copper) on and off, but nothing has truly worked until I tried this. Apart from the slightly mothball-esque odor of this cream (“you smell weird,” my husband remarked at bedtime), this is a perfect product. It faintly stings, so you know its working. If you’re me, you also know its working because your make-up artist friend declares upon seeing you at the gym that your skin looks…”NEW!” This is due to a purified-grade lactic acid treatment that boots collagen, while ingredients like licorice, lemongrass and aloe soothe everything. It is SO good, and there are 4,418 reviews on Birchbox, which is way, way above average.

2. HERBIVORE Blue Tansy Resurfacing Clarity Mask, $48 When I ran a casual clean beauty poll in my Insta Stories, this was the number one crowd favorite. It’s got everyone’s favorite buzzy chemical exfoliant ingredients of the moment — BHA and AHA — which come from willow bark and fruit enzymes, in the case of this mask. It’s got a heavenly scent. It goes on smoothly and easily transfers from your fingers to your face without leaving a lot of product behind, which is an odd thing to say; however if you’ve applied lots of masks, you know how satisfying this is. Waste not, want not, if you will. MOST IMPORTANTLY, through a combination of aforementioned chemical exfoliation and blue tansy oil, which is naturally anti-inflammatory, the permanent redness from my colony of IUD pimples hath vanished.

Stuff We Love
Herbivore Botanicals Organic Mask
Non-toxic clarifying facial mask

3. URSA MAJOR Essential Face Wipes, $20 for 24 These wipes are the exact thing your face craves after a workout, a flight, a taco feast, a day at the beach, or a hike. They’re gentle, cleansing, and lightly exfoliating. They smell heavenly (orange, fir and lavender!), they pack well, and they come twenty to a bag, which is highly substantial. Think: not plentiful enough to say, let your husband use one to clean his face in your own home with clear access to your own bathroom, but you’re confident about using one to take off your make-up.

Stuff We Love
Ursa Major Essential Face Wipes
Infused with aloe, bamboo and green tea

4. WELEDA Skin Food, $10 First of all, the tube gets satisfyingly greasy and dented with use, making it very photogenic for your bathroom #shelfie. And now that that’s out of the way, you should know and care that it contains natural ingredients like vitamin E and sunflower oil to make it ultra hydrating. For example, I recently developed the kind of dry, flaky shins that are usually reserved for after-sunburn peeling. We are talking, when I took off my pants there was a puff of dusty skin that exploded into the air and danced across a sunbeam coming in from a window. I moisturized that night before bed and woke up with the smoothest, most flake-less skin ever. Another positive is that it works for your entire body, as a spot treatment for dry patches, or all over after a shower or some time in the sun. I would suggest daily use for body and nighttime only for face, however, as it is strong enough to take make-up off. Into The Gloss once called it a dupe for La Mer! Having once sampled La Mer at a Duty Free counter, I agree!

Stuff We Love
Weleda Skin Food
Certified natural skin care that moisturizes and smooths

5. OLIO E OSSO Balm No. 3, $28 This product is an absolute powerhouse from the instantly iconic packaging and creamy combination of olive oil and shea butter, to the universally flattering colorways and light grapefruit scent. Paola Lamorticella, owner and make-up artist to professional athletes for over 25 years, had the advantage of testing her product on clients who don’t typically wear make-up, giving the Balm such a barely there yet impactful vibe. I keep it in my bag at all times, adding a little color to the apples of my cheeks or a swipe of very hydrating color to my lips.

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