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Found: The Best Travel Yoga Mat To Tuck Into That Suitcase (Or, Heck, Even That Work Tote)

Our idea of the best travel yoga mat is one that is compact, yet substantial. And this one is both.

One of the more annoying circumstances of traveling is lugging around a heavy suitcase for the entirety of a trip only to realize, at the end, that you didn’t need half of the stuff you crammed into said suitcase. The worst part is that we leave behind important tools, accessories and even appropriate clothing in an effort to prevent this from happening, but still often end up stuffing our bags to the brim with everything else anyway. I remember, for instance, traveling all over the States and wishing I had packed a yoga mat for my personal practice. However, when I would remember to pack my mat, I’d inevitably regret having to lug it around for the duration of the trip.

​The solution? A yoga travel mat, small enough to roll or fold and fit in just about any bag or suitcase, and yet durable enough to take into a studio or take your practice outside. The best of both worlds!

​I chose the Manduka eKO SuperLite​ ​Yoga Mat last summer while I was at the Squaw Valley yoga festival. What an epic purchase: ​​​It only weighs 2.2lbs, and measures 1.5cm thick, and it is 99% latex free, made from natural tree rubber (non-toxic). And that aforementioned ability to roll or fold makes it perfect for any expedition.

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Manduka eKO SuperLite Travel Yoga Mat
Compact, yet substantial.

Morale of the story? Next time you’re planning a trip, remember to only take what you really need, including your travel yoga mat. Happy travels, yogis!



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