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Why Health Coach Nichole Kellerman Thinks We All Deserve To Feel Wildly Alive

Because who doesn't want to be someone who dances through life feeling beautiful in her body?

Nichole Kellerman tried just about all the weight-loss plans and exercise methods and self-improvement fixes out there—years of dieting, personal training school, breast augmentation—before finally coming across the one solution that worked for her: Living a life she actually loves.

This insight (her “aha!” moment, if you will) was ignited by meeting her now-husband, Zac, who helped her step into a life that felt wildly alive. Through his support, she started to do the things she had previously only dreamed of, like camping, hiking, skiing, motorcycle riding, traveling and even relaxing. (“Seriously,” Nichole says, “I never really did relax!”)

Today, Nichole works with her clients to help them, too, live a life that is wildly alive, and, in turn, free themselves of an abusive relationship with food and their body. Here, she shares a few of the tips and tricks she’s learned along the way.

So, Nichole, tell us your story. Why did you become a health coach? What impact do you hope to have on your clients?

I got into the industry because of my own struggles with my weight and body image. I had a very dysfunctional / borderline abusive relationship with food and my body. You can read my full story here.

My hope for my clients is that they have the ability to love themselves and their bodies when they’re at their worst. To be able to look at your body when it’s not looking “good”, and still have love for that body, well, that is THE epitome of self-love.

What helps you lead a happy and whole life?

​I try to laugh EVERY SINGLE DAY—like a real belly laugh. I listen, and honor my body when it needs to move, needs food, a nap, etc. I watch my thoughts, and ensure they are focusing on what’s right.

What’s always in your kitchen? 

I can’t get enough avocado—like I die without it in my house. A quick snack I like to make is smashed-up avocado with lime juice, pink sea salt and pepper on a rice cake.

Your favorite way to move?

I really love to walk/hike. Nothing too intense. Being outdoors ALWAYS makes my spirit happy.

Your trick for squeezing in a workout, no matter how busy or beat you are?

Ten minutes counts! My favorite is blasting the music in my living room and dancing around like a crazy lady.

Tips for eating well?

Just listen to your body. It’s simple as that. If you eat something and it makes you feel gassy, bloated and tired afterwards, don’t eat it. If you eat something that makes you happy, gives you energy and makes your gut happy, eat more of that. Nothing is off-limits: Just tune into your body and let it be your guide.​

The one place on earth you can always count on to help you reset, refresh, and refuel?

​The mountains ​.

Your wellness muse?

I love everything Erin Stutland puts out into the world. She’s a huge inspiration to me.

The travel destination you can’t wait to explore (or explore again)?

I’d love to go to New Zealand and ski.

How do you relax and unwind after a long day?

Who doesn’t love a relaxing yoga class followed by a hot bubble bath?

The hobby or endeavor that nourishes your soul?

My tarot cards, and my monthly full moon woman’s circle.

…and, finally, the best piece of advice you ever received.?

You’re not alone. And: You don’t have to do it all by yourself.

Health Coach Nichole Kellerman

If Nichole’s experience and words resonate, you can learn more about her six week one-on-one coaching program or her 12-week group coaching program here.

Interview edited for clarity.


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