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How To Go Grocery Shopping, Tip 9: The Oil You Should Never Buy

It's something you've been doing your entire life, but you may have never developed a method to your madness when it comes grocery shopping. Here's ours.


How to go grocery shopping like a health-minded pro.

Tip 1: The power of changing your grocery store.

Tip 2: Why to avoid the center aisles.

Tip 3: The truth that lies within food labels.

Tip 4: How certain words on labels convince you to buy (and why they don’t actually matter!).

Tip 5: The #1 aisle to locate during any shopping trip.

Tip 6: An easy swap for peanut butter.

Tip 7: The best butter to buy and why.

Tip 8: How to navigate your way through the egg section.

Tip 9: Ditch this oil from your home kitchen.

Tip 10: What to buy instead of toxic cleaners.



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