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Summer Hair, Don't Care: A Top NYC Stylist On How To Smooth Flyaways On Those 100 Degree Days

Hint: It involves a dollop of natural product here and there, and a dash of an "It's summer, who cares anyway" attitude.

Picnics at a far-flung beach, cool dips in the ocean: There’s nothing better than summer. Except when summer hair woes—aka, flyaways, split ends, and sun-bleached/chlorine-filled locks—get in the way of you just living your best life. Determined not to let that happen this season (or ever again, for that matter), we asked top NYC salon owner Christo of Christo Fifth Avenue to solve summer’s most annoying hair issues, from how to smooth flyaways to how to avoid spit ends, and how to do so naturally, of course. Your cheat sheet, below.

1. How to smooth flyaways:

Frizzy flyaways are unquestionably annoying, especially during the hot, humid months of summer. If you’ve styled your hair and are worried about them reappearing throughout the day, simply use a fingertip’s worth of styling paste. This will seal in your hairstyle all while smoothing out hair, which ultimately tames those pesky flyaways.

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2. How to manage split ends:

Whether you have curly, straight, thick, or thin hair, everyone is prone to split ends. One of the reasons for said problem is because the hair is lacking moisture and nutrients. This is why strengthening hair products are essential to preventing breakage and split ends.

A leave-in conditioner filled with vitamins A and E, and aloe will promote healthy hair growth while keeping your strands moisturized, and prevent dry, brittle ends. For maximum impact, use a nickel size of leave-in conditioner on drier sections of hair while the hair is still damp.

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3. How to avoid sun-bleached/chlorine-filled locks:

To maintain healthy hair from now until September, rinse with fresh water immediately after getting out of the pool or ocean. Chlorine sitting in your hair all day while you bake in the sun will cause damage and severe dryness, especially if you have color-treated hair.

When showering, use a clarifying shampoo, which removes build-up caused by chlorine and hard minerals from the ocean. After washing, spritz a leave-in treatment spray all over hair to give back some of the moisture lost in the sun and sand. Christo’s tip: Keep this type of spray handy in your beach bag for a quick mist after a dip in the water.

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