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Instant Peace: The Three Best Meditation Apps To Download Now

A way to practice meditation that doesn't require ten days of silence or a remote mountain top.

Even those who don’t (yet!) practice meditation likely know that it is among the best ways to relax your body and mind. Meditation combats the symptoms of stress and anxiety, and only ten minutes a day is enough to reap the benefits. Yet who has the time? Or the ideally serene location? Or the discipline? Most of us, actually—in our back pockets, or in our bags, or plugged into the outlet, charging. Yes, we’re talking about our smart phones. Because here’s where being connected to those devices 24/7 is actually a good thing: Meditation apps. Here, the three best meditation apps to try for the ability to calm and center ourselves no matter where we are.

Omvana Omvana is, hands down (and in our opinion), one of the best meditation apps available right now. As with many such apps, there are guided sessions available for novices and experienced meditators alike, and the option to determine the length of your session, be it three minutes or sixty. Omvana also offers a wide range of meditation sounds and music to help you get into that meditation “mood’; it even gives the opportunity to mix sounds yourself for a custom-made environment. What makes Omvana stand out from other meditation apps, however, is that it offers sessions focusing on different aspects of overall well-being, including sleep, relaxation, revitalizing sex life and mindfulness.

Headspace If you are new to meditation and don’t really know how to go about things, then Headspace may be the best meditation app for you. It offers ten free ten-minute sessions for novice practitioners, with the thinking that these starter sessions will ease them into the habit of meditation and make them realize how simple and rewarding it is. Headspace can be downloaded for free, but there are in-app purchases available that allow you to access more the advanced features of the app (include a personal page to track meditation progress and a buddy feature giving friends a chance to motivate each other to continue meditating). Emma Watson, for one, is a fan.

Calm Another excellent app for meditation newbies, Calm provides a free seven-day course of guided sessions. Here, too, you have the option of setting the duration and background sound of each session, as well as selecting the nature scene you want to focus on whilst meditating. Calm also has in-app purchase options available that, offer you (among other things) the chance to take advantage of a more comprehensive 21-day meditation program.


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