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The KDL Guide: Last Minute Father's Day Gifts

Because fathers may be the hardest of all to shop for.

Dads. Those pun-loving majestic creatures who practically invented wearing calf-length white socks with sneakers, the guys who perfected the art of leaving dorky Instagram comments on their children’s posts, the men in our lives who always make sure you have cash on hand (“You never know when you’re going to need it!”) and who left an indelible impression on our lives.

You want to celebrate the Dad in your life every day of the year, but there’s only one Father’s Day a year. But oops, it snuck up on you this year. Fear not—these are foolproof last-minute Father’s Day gifts for every type of dad there is.

For The Dad Who Isn’t Afraid Of Pink: This is a great gift for the stylish Dad in your life, the one who knows that knows assigning colors to gender norms is so last century. Dads in the know know that they can wear whatever color they like, and a nice polo shirt, crafted responsibly by the folks at Everlane in a soft shade of Faded Rose will hit just the right spot this Father’s Day.

Purchase here.

For The Mountain Dad He’s only happy breathing mountain-fresh air and prefers to warm himself by an open fire. Help the outdoorsy dad in your world get the gear he wants and needs with an e-gift card from Patagonia that you can literally buy for him ON Father’s Day.

Purchase here.

For Your Sports-Loving Dad Who Also Appreciates Hyperlocality and Historical Fun Facts Ebbets Field—so named for the old stadium of the Brooklyn Dodgers—is a sports-centered apparel group that got its start when founder Jerry Cohen found a warehouse full of baseball flannel from the ‘40s. They dig deep for old designs of baseball, basketball, football, and hockey teams of yore, so whether your dad is from Portland, OR or Portland, ME there’s something he’ll love.

Purchase here.

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For The Music-Loving Dad With Style Help him upgrade his wardrobe while upcycling some vintage vinyl with a cap that makes the most out of the recyclable material.

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For The Eternally Curious Dad If your favorite conversations with your dad are the ones where he gets to go on and on about the latest archaeological discovery in South America or where he cites the highest recorded speed of a Great White Shark, get Dad a digital subscription (or 2) to some classic magazines.

Purchase here & here.

For The Dad Who Has No More Room In The House For His Books About WWII His love of reading inspired yours as a kid, but as he’s gotten older his taste has leaned more and more to “Classic Dad,” i.e. giant non-fiction tomes about World Wars. Make some space in his world by introducing him to the magic that is a Kindle.

Stuff We Love
Kindle E-reader
Glare-free touchscreen display, Wi-Fi

For The Dad That Loves Free Speech Make an impact and impress dad this year by telling him instead of another tie or grilling tool he doesn’t need, you made a donation to the ACLU in his name. Expect a gentlemanly pat on the shoulder of gratitude.

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For The Beardy Dad He’s nurturing, he’s protective, he’s supportive, he’s kind—to his kid AND his beard. Get the bearded dad in your world something to show you know that he cares (about his facial hair). This kit from Whiskey, Ink, and Lace is 100% vegan, made in the USA, and hand-crafted in small batches.

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Happy Father’s Day to all the wonderful, caring, and loving dads out there. We are so grateful for you!


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