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Listen Up, Home Cooks: We Found The Best Cutting Board For Your Kitchen

TWO of the best cutting boards for your kitchen, actually.

Every home cook needs a proper cutting board. (After all, you are likely using one just about every time you cook.) Yet in my experience as a food coach, I often find that most people aren’t using the right cutting board, using instead boards that are too small, or so old and heavily damaged that they risk contaminating their food with bad bacteria. And so, what follows is a really simple upgrade I suggest to a lot of clients: Buy yourself a good cutting board. Here, our recommendations for the best cutting board for your kitchen.

the practical choice
Kitchen Gizmo
For all your cutting needs.

Here’s why we like it:

It’s big. Your cutting board should be larger than the item(s) you are prepping. If, for example, you are looking to eat more dark leafy greens, cruciferous veggies, and root vegetables (as we should all be!), you will want a large cutting board.  (Not to mention, it is just nice to have a lot of room to breeze through the chopping and prepping process.) A good size for everyday cooking is at least 15”x 11”. Not, I know that not everyone has the sink space to clean a large cutting board.

It’s flexible. … and BPA-free, and scratch-resistant. In addition to making for easy cleaning, you can also use a flexible cutting board to transport ingredients like a pro. It also has a groove around the edge to help catch juice, which keeps your counter tops and floors cleaner, too.

Now for those of you who MUST have a wooden or bamboo board (I hear you!) and are up for the care required (most need to be oiled and washed by hand), I love this organic bamboo board. At 18”x12”, it is extra big, too.

The classic
Organic Bamboo Extra Large Cutting Board
Eco-friendly and functional = kitchen win.

Now, all you need is a sharp knife and you’re ready to cook.


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