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Make Your Own (Delicious, Nutrient-Dense) Almond Milk

A classic recipe to help you master the art of eating well.

Fun fact: Almond milk is, not, as one might think, the product of a recent wellness trend; it has, in fact, been used since ancient times. (The French, for example, have been using it forever for blancmanges.) And it makes sense: Not only is it quite delicious, but it is low in cholesterol and high in healthy fats to keep you feeling fuller for longer. It’s also got 25% of your daily calcium requirements, and offers about 30% of your daily vitamin D requirements.

Store-bought almond milk, however, is often full of, well, fillers and preservatives (and a wee bit pricey). Lucky for us all, you can make your own in no time at all. Here’s how.


(Makes around 2 cups)


  • 1 cup of raw (preferably organic) almonds
  • 2 cups of water, plus some extra for soaking
  • Honey, to sweeten (optional)
  • Nut milk bag (find at your local food shop) or muslin


  1. In a bowl, add almonds and enough water to cover them, about an inch. Cover the bowl with a cloth, and refrigerate for up to two days. Soaking your almonds for two days makes a creamier, more delicious milk. If you’re in a rush though, two hours is enough.
  2. Now that the almonds are soft and plump (or should be!), drain the water from the bowl and rinse under cold water.
  3. Put your almonds into a food processor (or blend) with two cups of cold water, and hit whirl. You should blend your almonds until they break down into a very fine meal, and the water is a white opaque colour.
  4. Get out your nut milk bag or muslin, and line your strainer. Place your measuring cup underneath and pour your almond mixture into the strainer.
  5. Grab your nut milk bag, and twist to close it off. Squeeze as much milk out of the mixture as possible, which should be approximately two cups. Pour your almond milk into a sealed jar and enjoy!
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