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Make-At-Home Paleo Tortillas, An Anti-Anxiety Blanket And Other Links That Caught Our Eye

For your perusal as you sip your morning coffee/tea/matcha.

Wherein we share the stories and recipes and stuff and other such gems that caught our collective eye this week.

A dairy-free berry breakfast parfait loaded with fruit and nut-based protein: Berry Breakfast Parfait.

This company has created a weighted blanket proven to help beat stress and anxiety.

Priya Malani, Wall Street financial planner turned Stash Wealth founder, breaks down her top money tips by decade of your life.

A recipe video for Simple Paleo Tortillas you can make at home courtesy of Stupid Easy Paleo.

Originally shared by The New York Times, this 9-year-old tripped, fell and discovered a million-year-old fossil.

And in case you missed it, a hydrating and delicious kale-infused water recipe and three little words that can change your life.


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