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Salad In A Jar: How (And Why) To Make It

Because preparation is the key to success.

When I set out on my quest for a healthier lifestyle, I quickly learned that the key to success was preparation, and that all of my good intentions would fail without forward-planning and a positive mind-set. As someone who is working full time and battling with Fibromyalgia, I tend to look for quick food fixes  that don’t comprise on quality ingredients. Enter salad in a jar: When made in an airtight Kilner jar, the salad can be kept in the refrigerator for up to five days depending on your choice of ingredients. The secret is in the layering—basically, you make the salad upside down, with the dressing at the bottom, so when you empty the salad out, everything is as it should be. Here’s how to make it.


  1. First into the jar goes your dressing. It can be whatever you want, so vinegar or creamy dressing will work.
  2. The next layer needs to be made up of ingredients that are fairly substantial, to best act as a barrier between your dressing and leaves which could become soggy. So for this layer, you can use sweet potatoes (my favorite), tomatoes, cucumber, peppers and apple. Anything that will taste great “pickled” in your dressing is a winner.
  3. Next up is layer three: Introduce some softer ingredients such as mushrooms, beans, corn, sprouts and avocado, if you wish.
  4. Layer four is the “main focus” of your salad, so here you can introduce your pasta, quinoa, egg, meat or cheese.
  5. The last layer is your salad leaves, nuts and seeds—basically anything that you need to keep crisp and crunchy and kept as far away from the dressing as possible.
  6. Once you are ready to eat your salad, give it a good shake and empty out onto a plate or bowl and you are good to go!


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