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Why You Should Practice Five Minutes Of Metta Meditation Every Day

It's easy, and promotes "loving kindness" within yourself and to others, everywhere.

Ever heard the word Metta floating about in the yogic / spiritual / self-development world? Not quite sure what it means?

Metta is the Pali Buddhist word for “loving kindness.” Metta is the word for that soft, sweet, kind-hearted sense of loving energy that we can feel for ourselves — and for all others.

A Metta meditation is a powerful way to infuse ourselves with this energy at any time of the day, so that we can live from this space and bring more happiness, love and self-acceptance into our worlds. Who wouldn’t want more Metta in their lives?

Metta meditation can be short, and simple practices. No Zen Monk training required here! All you need is your body, your breath and an open mind and heart.

How to practice Metta breath:

Find a quiet space that you can sit with your eyes closed without the chance of being distracted or pulled away.

Calm your breath by making it deeper and longer than your natural rhythm.

Think of someone you love, or a moment that you felt a deep sense of warmth and appreciation.

Keep this energy and feeling in your body. Now multiply it. Make it bigger. Feel it deeper.

With every breath in, visualise yourself breathing in this warm, loving energy, as if it’s entering into your lungs.

With every breathe out, feel it ripple though your body and out your body to the world.

Breathe it in, love it out.

Do this for at least 5 minutes, and you’ll want to do it for even longer.

From the heart, to the world: Metta breath affirmations:

Breathing in, I fill my body with warm, nourishing love.
Breathing out, I give this love to the world.
Breathing in, this love touches all cells of my body.
Breathing out, from every pore of my skin, this love ripples out.
Breathing in, I fill myself with love.
Breathing out, I ripple the love into this space.
Breathing in, I fill up.
Breathing out, I send love to all people in this town.
Breathing in, the love enters.
Breathing out, the love ripples to all people in this country.
Breathing in, I fill up.
Breathing out, I send this love to the whole world.

Loving those who have hurt me, sending it to those who support me, loving those I do not know, those that need it, and those that are already full of it.

Loving all, no matter what.

Note: This practice doesn’t have to be limited to just a silent seated meditation. Do this on public transport, when you go for a walk, at your desk in the office, in the shower. Get creative!

Live from this breath, and you will feel the world light up in love. You will feel loving, loved and loveable. Your self-love will grow, and your compassion for all others will deepen. You will be bathed in Metta, showered with loving-kindness.


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