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The Modern Day Love Potion: Three Floral Essential Oils To Add To Your Bath Tonight

Some consider Valentine's Day to be a Hallmark holiday, while others see it as an occasion to celebrate all forms of love. We're in the second camp — and think you should be, too. Here's how.

Although we never need an excuse to express our love and appreciation for one another (or ourselves), Valentine’s Day should be a reminder of the love that lights our life—or can light our life, with help of the right love potion. And by ‘love potion’, we simply mean select floral essential oils that can assist in self love, deep connection, bliss and desire. Here, three to indulge in tonight (or, heck, any night).

Rose Ah, yes: Rose oil. It is, of course, the most well-known “love” oil, and one that is specifically dedicated to passion. (Ooh, la, la.) It encourages an opening in the heart that allows you to give and to receive love in a more open, more vulnerable state. (This is a good thing.) It also creates heightened feelings of self love and balances hormones, which is wonderful for you and those you love.

How To Use It: Add a few drops on your pillow, or in a steamy bath. Or rub the oil over your wrists, behind the ears, on the temples, and on the chest region. Utilize a diffuser. All are effective ways of infusing the loving energy of rose into the air.

Ylang Ylang This botanical fragrance is used for easing emotional fluctuations and balancing feminine hormones. The serene effect ylang yang can have on us renders it a bonafide aphrodisiac: It allows the body to drop into a relaxed, balanced state receptive to the energies of another person (or, ahem, yourself). It allows for a deep connection with others in intimate communication, verbal and physical.

How To Use It: In the bath, and/or on the body. Comb through your hair to encourage a feminine touch of beauty for women, and as a calming agent for men. Or create a soft and serene mood top your bedroom by adding a few drops to a diffuser.

Jasmine Hints of floral sweetness anchor this popular oil, which is used to balance the nervous system in a manner that invites more peace and clears away stress. It is also a mood enhancer: It soothes low states, and promotes optimistic and positive feelings. It creates a mood and environment in which you can connect in a lighter, playful and flowing way with yourself or your partner. In other words? Jasmine is the oil of bliss.

How To Use It: Mix with carrier oil, or add a few drops to your favorite body moisturizer before rubbing into the skin. Also a nice addition to a hot bath, in the hair and in a diffuser.

We hope your Valentine’s Day (and, of course, more importantly, your life) is full of love and happy, hot, scented baths.


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