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Drink This: The Morning Metabolism Boost

It naturally energizes. It kick-starts my metabolism. It cleanses my liver and digestive system. All first thing in the morning. Sold yet?

When life gives you lemons, add apple cider vinegar and hot water. At least that is what I do: This concoction is my beverage of choice first thing in the morning. WHY, you may ask? Well: It tastes great and has a whole host of added health benefits. It’s great for your liver and digestive system, it flushes out your system and naturally energizes your body, and, perhaps best of all, it’s a fantastic way to kick start your metabolism. Here, how to make it, and below, a refresher of all the amazing benefits the ingredients in this beverage boast.



  • 1/2 – 1 tablespoon of organic apple cider vinegar
  • Half a lemon
  • 16 ounces of hot water


  • Mix together

Plenty of reasons below for making this your morning cocktail – enjoy!!

Benefits of Lemon:

  • Flushes out unwanted materials
  • Flushes out unwanted toxins
  • Helps aid in weight loss
  • Is a natural blood purifier
  • Balances your pH level
  • Helps relieve respiratory issues
  • Helps aid in throat infections
  • Decreases blemishes
  • Decreases wrinkles
  • Naturally energizes you
  • Hydrating
  • Alkaline in the body
  • Aids digestion
  • It even oxygenates the body so you feel revitalized and refreshed!
  • Boosts your immune system

Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar 

  • Very rich in enzymes and potassium
  • Helps clear up acne
  • Helps relieve allergies
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Lowers cholesterol
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Helps aid in weight loss by breaking down fat
  • Balances pH level
  • Helps relieve muscle pain from workouts
  • Helps dissolve kidney stones
  • Helps prevent sinus infection
  • Helps prevent acid reflux
  • Helps prevent arthritis
  • Lowers levels of fatigue
  • Aids digestion
  • Helps control and prevent candida
we especially like this kind
Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar
Takes care of all the ailments. (Almost.)


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