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This All Natural Skin Rescue Balm Is Like A Spa Day In Your Pocket

Yep. Really.

Let’s be real: We all need a little rescuing every now and then​. Actually, if we’re being REALLY honest here,​ ​we all deserve, say, a monthly spa day and a weekly massage. Unfortunately, this isn’t ​​realistic​ for most of us, meaning we are constantly on the search for balmy /  dreamy / calming alternatives. And this, folks, is where a little balm goes a long way.

Little Flower ​Soap Co.’s All Natural Skin Rescue Balm, to be exact. It smells delicious, thanks to a delightful mix of tangerine, cassia, orange and lime essential oils, and really does your body good, relieving muscles aches, soothing dry lips and skin, easing dark circles. It is also paraben-free, sulfate-free and cruelty-free. Yes, yes, and yes.

your skin rescue is here
Little Flower Soap Co. Skin Rescue Balm
Deep moisturization & relief for dry skin

The creator of said balm, Little Flower Soap Co., specializes in precisely this kind of delightful, small-batch, all-natural homemade and handcrafted goods—everything from soap to lip balm to bath salt to this blessed balm.

​For only $5.50 (!), you’ll get one ounce of this magic balm for everyday (and everywhere) use. Throw the little guy in your purse or carry in your pocket. It’s perfect for traveling or a little pick-me-up at your desk. ​

​Less stress, more ease—and a whole lotta love is within an arms reach with this all natural skin rescue balm. ​Treat yourself, you deserve it. (We all do, frankly.)


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