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Organize Your Home Into A Place Of Perfect Zen: Four Simple Steps

We all want our home to be a calm retreat away from the hectic outside world. Here, how to organize your home in to a place of perfect zen.

Being able to arrive to a space that feels welcoming, peaceful, and inviting is a simple joy we can grant ourselves daily. Here, how to organize your home into the perfect zen sanctuary.

Organize and tidy your spaces. Clutter induces stress, so take time to clean and organize your home. First, focus on the spaces that you occupy the most, like your bedroom or living room. Take a day or two to throw out or donate any unnecessary things, and then reorganize what you keep in a way that feels welcoming and accessible. Don’t overwhelm yourself by trying to do it all at once — try tackling one room at a time, and you’ll be less stressed about the task at hand. Once your spaces are organized and clean, make a daily effort to keep them this way.

Fill your home with things that make you happy. Discard any objects that bring about negative emotions or memories, and clear out spaces that feel dark or uninviting. It may be hard to get rid of some of this stuff, but in the end you’ll be making room for things that bring you more joy! Instead of filling your home with meaningless knick-knacks or bland decor, make an effort to collect things with meaning or special memories. Items or souvenirs from past travels make for great decor — they not only remind you of your adventures, but they also make for great conversation pieces.

Buy plants (and take care of them!). Plants can be a great way to liven up your home, make it feel more tranquil, and also create mindful routines. Taking care of your plants through potting them, watering them, and trimming or cleaning them make for a perfect opportunity to dive into mindfulness. If you take the time to turn your plant-tending into a little ritual, it can make for very a peaceful, mind-clearing activity. And along with looking beautiful, plants will also give you the added benefit of cleaner air in your home.

Create a special “zen den.” Whether it’s a tiny corner in your apartment, or an entire room, dedicate a space in your home to being your own little zen den. Make it cozy with pillows, candles, incense, flowers and any other decor you’d like. Let the only purpose of this space be to getaway and unplug. You can practice your yoga here, meditate, or even just sit and journal or read. Let this space remind you to take time for yourself, and the little things that help refill your tank.

Along with these small changes, I also recommend, if you haven’t already, reading the justifiably popular The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo. The book shows you how to create a living space full of joy, and walks you through simple steps on how to declutter, let go, and make space for a seriously cleaner and happier home. It’s a great roadmap for those looking for an easy and mindful way to approach home organization, as her light-hearted writing style is easy to follow, and will make cleaning a little more fun and approachable.

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The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up
Peace out, clutter.


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