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What To Pack: Four Unexpected Things That Will Make Your Upcoming Holiday Trip The Best Yet

Not listed: An open mind. But that is important, too.

In the jolliest of terms, the holidays can be rather hectic — and therefore pretty stressful. Between the shopping, the wrapping, the baking (and everything else), what to pack for the holiday itself often falls to the bottom of the list. And so, whether you are visiting family a couple hours away or you are whisking off to some tropical island (lucky!), here is what to pack to help make the holiday a bit more mindful. Staying healthy and relaxed during the holidays isn’t always the easiest but it’s possible with some planning.

1. Essential oils Multipurpose items are the best travel partners. Enter essential oils, which can be used for all things pharmacy-related. You can, for instance, use peppermint oil for jet leg or car sickness; it’s even great for headaches or colds that might present themselves over the holidays. Feeling anxious or overwhelmed by all the food or family? Use lavender to evoke feelings of calm and relaxation, or to help you sleep.

2. Reusable water bottle (preferably glass!) Having plenty of water on hand is essential with all the hustle and bustle, and carrying around a glass water bottle acts as a great reminder to stay hydrated. Glass is preferred because it doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals, so nothing can leach into your water, and the taste is neutral and doesn’t affect your beverage.

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3.  Tools for regular self-care Try to keep your morning and nightly routines in place amidst the chaos. Holding space for these daily rituals will help keep you feeling at peace throughout the holidays. Have that daily morning matcha, or stick with your nighttime recovery mask routine. This will even give you something to chat about while visiting with friends and family; people love to learn about new health tips and tricks. Share what’s been working for you!

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4. Athleisure What we wear while traveling matters — it’s the difference between a semi-comfortable car ride or the worst plane ride of our life. Athleisure is packing made simple — it is, by nature, multi-purpose, and chic yet practical. When we’ve packed a comfortable legging or our favorite sports bra, we are more likely to move our bodies.  Having the coziness of athleisure (check out ADAY) to stretch in every morning or to walk in at night can help you decompress and get the body moving in ways it’s probably craving after that big holiday meal.

The holidays are meant to be enjoyed!  Making time to be present is the most important tool you can bring to the table. Practicing mindfulness while eating, drinking, and socializing will create the most meaning and memorable holiday of all.

A few more resources for stress-free holiday travels:


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