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Where To Practice Yoga In Ubud, Bali (And How To Recreate That Zen At Home)

If practicing yoga in Ubud, Bali isn't on your bucket list, practicing yoga LIKE they do in Bali should be. Here, Kale.Life editor Carly shares her favorite studios in Ubud—and how to incorporate those chilled-out elements wherever you are.


…and while immersing yourself in yoga in Ubud, and it’s wellness scene can powerfully transform your life, you can create that same environment of relaxation, peace, and inner stillness no matter where you are in the world. Here’s how.

1. Think about the music. One of my favorite things about practicing at a studio is the music they play. And the best playlists I’ve heard while in Ubud typically incorporate these artists: Bon Iver, Random Rab, Xavier Rudd, Goldmund, Dr. Toast, Audiopharmacy, Ben Howard, Krisha Das and Sacred Spirit. (Join me on Spotify, if you like, to find all of my yoga playlists. Find me under Carly Brown; get started with this Devotional Flow playlist.)

2. Create the space. When I walk into my kitchen to make a meal, I always ensure the sink is empty, kitchen counters are clear, and things are orderly before I begin cooking. The same should be true for your practice space. It’s very easy to get distracted if there are cobwebs in the corner of the room, toys scattered about, or wrinkled clothes on a pile in the floor. Designate one room or one corner of a room as your sacred practice space.

Items to bring into your sacred space:

  • A green plant
  • one unscented candle
  • A crystal or momentum that means something to you 
  • A lamp with soft, dim lighting
  • Yoga mat

3. Make the time. When you travel across the world to take part in a yoga retreat or personal journey, you carve out the time in your schedule: You take time off of work, have the kids looked after, purchase flights, and get all your affairs in order to make time for yourself. The goal is to bring the same level of commitment to your yoga practice at home as you would if you were practicing in a group setting. 

On your calendar, schedule 3 – 4 hours a week (preferably one hour every other day) just for you. Step into the sacred practice space you have created in your home (see #2) and make sure you can have that time fully to yourself. View it as a meeting with yourself that you absolutely cannot cancel.

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