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Here Are Five Ways to Reignite Your Creative Spark

Because we could all use a little mid-week inspiration, no?

Creativity is everywhere and is within everyone. Whether you’re a fine artist, a hair stylist, a dancer, an accountant, a waitress, a pilot: YOU ARE CREATIVE. Every avenue of life requires creativity; it just doesn’t always look the same. Yet just as I know this to be true, down to the marrow of my bones, I also have a distinct understanding of the difficulty it can take to truly tap into this well of creativity.

We’re encouraged to stay busy, to fall in line, to keep our heads down, to get serious. Well, I’m here to say: Screw that single-minded thought process! You can be a successful adult and simultaneously fuel the wild creative fire within. Tapping into our creativity allows us to express ourselves, connect with others, and relieve stress.

Discover what it is that inspires you. What makes you feel alive? Is it painting, is it dancing, is it public speaking? Writing, crafting, sewing? Gardening? Cooking? It can be anything in the world. You choose.

Here, some insight on what I’ve learned helps reignite your creative spark. Sometimes we just need to relight the torch and start a new project.

1. Meditate, and let creative juices flow.

Meditation is not only one of the best ways to find deep relaxation and stress relief, but it is also a time when brilliant ideas and concepts come into the mind. Spend 10-15 minutes every day sitting somewhere quiet and just reflecting. See what comes up for you, and perhaps you’ll be inspired to start a new project. As creativity is different from person to person, so is meditation. Find what techniques best suit you. Try candle gazing, walking meditation, guided meditation, or sitting quietly in nature or a local art museum.

2. Get weird.

We’ve got to get a little weird every now and then. I encourage you to do something out of your norm. Go to a new yoga class, join a dance group, whip up a dinner you would’ve never thought of eating, run through the woods naked (don’t knock it until you try it!), take a creative writing class: The world is your oyster. Doesn’t matter what it is; your weird is different than mine. Step outside of your comfort zone and try something new. Letting down our barriers and thinking outside the box lets our creative energy flow, and can inspire great ideas for your next creative project. It also builds new brain connections and pathways.

3. Travel.

This is my number one source of inspiration. Whether I spend a weekend camping with my lover under the stars, or I fly across the world and backpack for two months, or I purchase a cheap flight to a neighboring state, travel always re-invigorates my inner creativity. Seeing new places, meeting new people, and experiencing a little adventure causes a boost of energy and refreshes the mind. So: Plan a trip, or go somewhere on a whim. Explore the streets of new cities, sit in coffee shops and meet strangers, spend a day in a local book store, or take a long drive and marinate on your deepest thoughts. Travel will cleanse the soul and reignite your inner spark!

4. Get involved with your community.

Don’t know where to start? Research individuals, organizations and groups in your community that are in tune with their own inner creative spirit. Meet with them, and open your mind to new friends and new ways of being creative. Creativity is woven into the fabric of our being. If you feel disconnected from it, allow people to help you reconnect.

5. Get crafty.

Everyone should create art, even if you’re one of those people that always say, “I’m not an artist” or “I wish I was creative”. YOU ARE! Spend one hour every week creating something. Invite friends over and make it a craft night or spend a Saturday afternoon on your own and get crafty.

Reconnect with the creative part of yourself that has been patiently waiting to come out. Be creative in everything you do in life. These are just a few ways to reignite your creative spark, to stoke that flame, to experiment with what works best for you. Have fun and remember that creativity has no rules. Get wild.


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