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How Rose Quartz Can Help Heal That Broken Heart (And Other Love Energy Crystals, Explained)

Channel the positive energy of rose quartz, rhodochrosite and kyanite: It's good for the heart—and soul.

Every day (whether we realize it or not), we give love out into the world, and we open our hearts to receive this love back in. Now, finding a balance between this giving and receiving is an art. It is also hard work: It requires us to be vulnerable, and to give with no expectation of the return. And so, we collectively turn to several means to help us find this balance (and the courage to execute the balance): Meditation, maybe, or yoga. Dance. Poetry, therapy, journaling. Painting, cooking, praying. And so on. Also helpful to have on this go-to list? Crystals.

Yes, crystals. If you love the earth, and if you believe in the power of the gifts from earth, you should try using crystals to manifest this love into reality. (And if the whole idea of crystals sounds a bit ‘out there’ to you, well, we suggest at least trying it out. We think you’ll be wonderfully surprised.) Each crystal has a different benefit, and each crystal can be used to positively affect our lives. It’s important to find stones that resonate with you and your vibrations; you’ll know when you find the right ones.

Here, three crystals that will help you find a deep well of love within you, and encourage you to connect and balance this inner love with living things all around you.

Rose Quartz Meaning: The Love Stone

What It’s Used For: Rose quartz is for all love and heart-opening. It’s directly related to the heart chakra, and used for self-love, loving others, finding love, and restoration of a broken heart. This stone will help balance one’s emotions while bringing in calming energy throughout the mind, body and soul.

How to Use It: Listen to your heart when determining how to use rose quartz. Open your mind and heart when considering the ways in which it will be most beneficial to you. You may find that its ability to open the heart chakra is useful in meditation, or before/during an important talk with a loved one, or perhaps when you’re in need of some inner guidance. Its connection to the feminine energies make it a great stone for emotional healing, and balancing all the chakras with the heart.

for all around love
Rose Quartz Crystal
The ultimate crystal.

Rhodochrosite: Unconditional Love & Compassion

What It’s Used For: Turn to rhodochrosite when in need of balance and emotional equanimity. It’s a stone used to find love, and to open the doors to our heart space. Use rhodochrosite to rediscover your child-like love and adoration, and to release emotional wounds. Allow it to serve as a reminder of the importance of unconditional love to others as well as yourself. Look to the stone to uplift your energy, and help guide you to new love and deep emotional healing. Its powers will bring happiness and enhance the overall quality of your life. It will give you power to decide which memories to hold onto and which ones to release.

How to Use It: Carry a small piece of rhodochrosite in your pocket or bag. Its beautiful pink/red/light orange color makes it exceptionally alluring for jewelry, too. Keep the stone close to your physical body as you work through sadness, loss, or times of disconnect. It will soothe your soul as it guides you to new love and positive energy. Meditate with rhodochrosite and get in touch with your inner child. Discover joy and divine happiness.

For unconditional love & compassion
Rhodochrosite Crystal Bracelet
Wear your heart (love) on your sleeve (arm).

Kyanite: Balance & Harmony

What It’s Used For: Kyanite (one of many color variations) is used to balance the entire chakra system, thus preparing one for true love, both internally and externally. Due to this full-body alignment, kyanite is a wonderful stone for finding balance and calming energy in one’s life. It is said that, unlike most crystals, it does not absorb any negative energy, so it will never need to be cleansed. And not only does it not absorb negativity, it repels it and destroys it.

How to Use It: Use kyanite to listen to the messages of the heart; the heart never lies. We grow strong when we can listen and decipher this important information. Use it to connect to the most authentic version of yourself, and to align yourself with the higher powers. Because it does not absorb negative energy, try using kyanite when dealing with a stressful relationship or a meaningful conversation. It will help to balance and bring compassion to find a peaceful resolution or outcome.

for balance & harmony
Natural Kyanite Beads
A pretty — and purposeful!— crystal.


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