Travel Spotlight: Utah

The Review: Real Foods Market In Salt Lake City, Utah

Wherein I had the best green smoothie one will find in Utah.


Finding a small, local, organic farm that sells raw milk is rare. Finding a market in the middle of downtown Salt Lake City that sells raw milk smoothies is nothing short of a miracle. Indeed, Real Foods Market is Utah’s ONLY health food store with their own Utah-based farm. The farm is nestled in gorgeous southern Utah in Redmond where their animals have plenty of space to run free and enjoy the fresh air and wide open landscape. They never, ever use chemicals, hormones, or antibiotics to best provide the highest quality milk possible, and goods go straight from the farm to the market within days, no processing or adulteration.

Not only can you swing by for a local organic raw milk or green smoothie, but you can pick up all the items you need for a health supportive lunch and dinner: organic produce, cultured foods, wild-caught fish, nuts and seeds, to name just a few.

Having this haven in the middle of a bustling city was a saving grace on our trip through SLC. Now, if only they could open a Real Foods Market in every town we visit….

Check out the video to see the store up close and an insider’s peek into one of the best smoothies I’ve ever had.

Real Foods Market, 2209 South Highland Drive, Salt Lake City, Utah; (385) 351-2664.


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