Better Than Brita: The Eco-Chic Water Pitcher And Filter Everyone Should Have In Their Fridge

One word for you: Soma. The filter is made of plant-based materials, the pitcher looks fantastic on a table or in a fridge, and the company donates a portion of profits to charity.

I grew up in a town that suffered from some pretty serious water pollution, thanks to a former textile dye-making plant dumping large volumes of nasty chemicals (including mercury) into the soil and nearby ponds, resulting in massive water contamination. The site was added to the federal Superfund cleanup list in 1983, but the aftereffects of “bad water” lingered, and, as a result, I’ll forever have trust issues with tap water. So as someone who a.) takes everything Michelle Obama says very, very seriously and b.) gets slightly panicky at the idea of being thirsty ever, my apartment’s water filter gets a workout.

But as more and more plastic water bottles pile up in our landfills, what’s a girl trying to look out for herself and Mother Nature to do? Hydration, as we all surely know, is one of the most important elements of health, and, like most Americans, I rely on a well-known water filter—let’s say their name rhymes with Schmidt-a—to deliver me safe-to-drink water. But upon discovering that the company is owned by one of the biggest chemical companies in the world (and one that’s made the “Dangerous Dozen” list), I’m forced to ask myself: is there a better, more mindful way to get my 8×8?

yes. here it is
Soma Sustainable Pitcher & Filter
It's good for you AND the earth.

Enter: Soma. This chic, minimalist water filter is made of 60% renewable, plant-based materials and is a small, meaningful opportunity for me to divest myself from those big brands. On top of delivering great-tasting and clean water, the Soma water pitcher looks fantastic on a table or in a fridge; plus, for every filter purchased, the company donates to charity: water projects. (The charity has been helping to make sure that people all around the world have access to clean, safe drinking water since 2006.) So, not only am I meeting my 8×8 goals every time I take a sip of water, I’m doing a tiny bit to help provide 663 million people the basic human right of access to clean drinking water. Win-win.

Upon reading a few reviews, I was concerned that the Soma filter wasn’t capable of filtering out all the nasty bits that my Brita could, but, in October of 2016, the filter snagged it’s WQA certification and meets NSF 53 standards for copper, chlorine, and mercury.

Soma is a B-Corporation-certified company and uses post-consumer waste and recyclable materials in their packaging, focuses on offsetting emissions with conservation-based forestry, and sets high standards for labor practices, sustainability, transparency, animal-welfare and anti-discrimination policies.

But the best part? I never have to worry about when the last time I changed my filter was (like I ALWAYS do with my current filter). Soma gives you the option of buying a filter subscription, so every two months the filter shows up at your door. I cannot begin to explain what a giant weight this is off my shoulders.

All in all, this was a purchase that not only makes me feel better physically and spiritually, but with its ultimate Cool Girl look, it’s giving me some hardcore adulting vibes. I’m one step closer to a real grown up kitchen—all that’s missing is counterspace.

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