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A Soothing, All-Natural Sugar Body Scrub For Those Of Us With Sensitive Skin

A little jar with a lot of potential.

​There’s something satisfying (and, dare we say it, magical?!) about giving the skin a good scrub. Removing old cells and particles gives the skin a breath of fresh air, and leaves us feeling reawakened and alive. Not to mention that the skin, the largest organ of the body, fights hard everyday to protect our inner elements—shouldn’t we return the favor by cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing from time to time?

There are a lot of scrubs on the market, and I’m constantly trying new blends and brands so I can figure out what works best for my skin. I recently stumbled across an all-natural sugar body scrub made by Great American Clay that has my skin glowing and smooth to the touch.

smooth as can be
Date Palm Brown Sugar Body Scrub
Just the softest skin you’ve ever had.

This small jar of natural ingredients is filled with grain crystals that remove dead cells by exfoliating, an exotic blend of essential oils to moisturize, and Date Palm Sugar, a natural, paraben-free ingredient to add an extra touch of sweetness to the skin. It’s packaged in a small glass jar with airtight lid, so no moisture gets in and your scrub stays fresh.

Natural Body Scrub

My sugar scrub lives in my shower, and I try to use it 3-4 times per week. A light scrub across the whole body with warm water is all it takes. Within minutes, your skin will feel polished, your pores open and cleansed. I even use it on my face, but am careful around the eyes.

Another way to use the scrub is a deep, pre-shave exfoliation of the legs for an extra-smooth finish: When we exfoliate or scrub the skin, we remove all the layers of dead skin cells, which allows our skin to be smooth and clean for a super close shave. If you don’t fancy a full body scrub, then let this elixir live next to your hand soap and use it to moisturize and scrub the hands after a good wash.


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