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Why Spring Cleaning Is Good For Your Mind, Body And Home (And How To Do It Effectively)

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Have you ever felt overwhelmed in a busy, cluttered space? Now think about how it feels when you walk into a simple, tidy room. Ahhhhhhhhhh, right? Turns out that when we free our space of clutter, we also free our minds of unnecessary thoughts and stresses in the process, according to a study by America’s Anxiety Disorder center. And the actual, physical act of organizing your space encourages you to get in the mindset of focus and concentration, too. It’s like spring cleaning as meditation; cleaning our exterior aids in cleaning our interior. Here’s how to do it.

Do your best to make the whole process stress-free and calming. Give yourself NO TIME RESTRAINTS. Spring clean on a day where you have no other obligations, so you can take your time and breeze through it without rushing. Concentrate on one space at a time; make it an exercise in mindfulness. When you clean and fold clothes, really look at them: Feel the texture, and see the colors.

And fun. Invite a friend over. (Come on, we ALL have those friends who live for this type of stuff, right?). Put on a good playlist. Stock the fridge with snacks for breaks.

De-clutter with purpose. This is surely one of the hardest processes of cleaning, is it not? It doesn’t have to be. Start by taking a look around, and ask yourself these questions as you consider your various possessions: When was the last time I used it? How much would I pay for it now? Is there someone else who could benefit from this more than me? Then, decide to toss or keep based on your answers.

Tackling your closet? Make a pact with a friend to give a big bag of clothes to charity. If you are both doing it, it keeps you accountable to more easily make the decision to throw out that shirt that you still haven’t ever worn and—let’s be honest—probably won’t ever wear.

And that bottomless stream of random papers and invites and cards we all seem to have? Take pictures of letters, cards and other paper goods, then recycle them. you can keep the important information or memories without having all that extra ‘stuff.

Clean vigorously. Dust hard-to-reach spaces. Scrub away mold and mildew. Cleanse all surfaces (floors, walls and ceilings, people!) Not only will doing so make for a fresh space, it will also reduce your risk of illness from bacteria build-up or airborne diseases. And all that stretching and crouching and pushing and wiping is wonderful exercise for the body. WIN, WIN.

Take a moment to refresh the space. Invest in a new area rug or throw pillow. Maybe a plant or two. Not into shopping for new goods? A quick rearranging of your furniture and décor can lend an entirely new and fresh feel to the room.

take a deep breath and enjoy your journey to a lighter, spacious, cleansed space and state of mind.




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