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The Live Review: Our Top Five Places To Eat In Telluride, Colorado

The going—and eating—is good in Telluride.


We just made it to Telluride for a four-day bluegrass festival, but, of course: Food first. We discovered pretty quickly that Telluride offers a lot of local and organic flair when it comes to the food scene—perfect for keeping us fueled for festival season. Here, our top four places to eat in Telluride.

1. The Butcher & The Baker

This is the best salad I’ve ever had in my life. A modern lunch cafe on the main street, this spot offers sandwiches, salads and a deli counter with food to take away. You can sit at the bar for one of their speciality cocktails or grab a coffee or chai tea for the road. If you’re Paleo, they have a simple single, double or triple plate offer with protein and veg. I went for the Kale Caesar salad, made with local kale, bacon, squash croutons, parm and soft boiled egg (all gluten-free!). I could eat here every day.

This outdoor coffee shop has all the amenities for health-conscious coffee drinkers, too: Think organic coffee, options of almond, coconut, rice and organic milk (plus half and half). Quick service, too, and a beautiful place to sit outside and enjoy your cup of coffee in the sunshine. An absolute must-visit!

The Butcher & The Baker, 201 E Colorado Ave, Telluride, Colorado; (970) 728-2899.

2. Ghost Town Grocers

As of the summer of 2016, Ghost Town is a brand new coffee shop and cafe serving up butter coffee, a variety of toasted open-faced sandwiches like avocado toast, the best granola bowls I’ve ever had, and, (perhaps, of course) smoothies. They also have a little cooler to buy things like raw cheese and farm fresh eggs. Yes, it has a hipster vibe but as long as you can roll with that, everything they serve is on point.

Ghost Town Grocers,210 W. Colorado Ave, Telluride, Colorado; (970) 303-4334.

3. Telluride Truffles

Need a sweet treat that isn’t made with processed chemicals and additives created in a lab? Want a taste of what the true, local sweetness of Telluride is? Check out Telluride Truffles. High-quality chocolate treats made with local cream and rich dark chocolate. Hot outside? Reach for the local, organic ice cream. You simply cannot go wrong here.

Telluride Truffles, 101 N. Fir Street, Telluride, Colorado; (970) 728-9565.

4. Floradora Saloon

Smoothies, granola and butter coffee not your thing? Or just looking for somewhere the whole family can sit down for dinner and have a hearty, yet still high-quality meal….Floradora is the answer. Owners, Florie and Charlie Kane, always use fresh, local food to create an innovative menu.Their beef is grass-fed and local with an option for a gluten-free bun. Maybe get a side of squash or sweet potato fries, duck egg rolls, or bacon-wrapped jalapeño peppers. The ribeye special with Brussels sprouts and kale is out of the world!

Floradora Saloon, 103 W. Colorado Ave, Telluride, Colorado; (970) 728-8884.



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