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This Video Of Kale.Life Founder Carly And Her Husband Ross Embarking On A New Zealand Road Trip Will Make Your Day Better

Wherein we can all live vicariously and join digital nomads Carly and Ross on a two-week long New Zealand road trip.

We’ve had some incredible, life-changing moments traveling the world this past year (such as this and this and this), and yet, driving a camper van through New Zealand for two weeks lands itself at the very top of my favorite experiences list. With several months living in the hustle of Sydney, Australia, I was craving the vast space, quiet, and immersion in nature that much of New Zealand offers. Here, how our New Zealand road trip went down.

On Choosing Our Campervan After much research on pricing and layout, we chose to go with Britz’s Voyager van. It is a four-berth cabin (meaning it can fit up to four adults), but, with all of our travel gear, music equipment, and food supplies, it was perfect for just the two of us. It had a fridge, freezer, stovetop cooking, travel toilet and double bed. While traveling throughout New Zealand, it’s important to have a ‘certified self-contained’ vehicle, as many of the camping spots require it. All of Britz’s vans are self-contained making it easy to park almost anywhere.

Where We Went

First Stop: Pancake Rocks Located in Punakaki, the Pancake Rocks are limestone formations that, well, look like a stack of pancakes. Go at high tide and take a short stroll around (about 20 minutes) to soak it all it. It’s a bit of a touristy thing to do but you don’t want to miss it! Plus, there’s a little cafe to get some pancakes after since you will most likely be cravings them.

Second Stop: Motukiekie Beach Ross and I spent a couple hours strolling along this beach and only saw one other woman the entire time. It’s absolutely spectacular with huge rocks to climb on and little caves to explore. Go at sunset, bring a couple snacks and a bottle of wine, and enjoy the majesty of brilliant mountains and expansive ocean in one magical place.

Up next: The journey continues to Blue Pools and Wanaka.

Videography by Ross Brown

Some more notes from the road (and delicious fodder for procrastination):


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