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Just Click Play: Here Are Four Of The Best Bodyweight Workouts On YouTube

All you need is a bit of space, your body, some water, and, of course, a device from which you can watch said workouts.

We love that high intensity bodyweight workouts boost metabolism, increase cardio stamina, and build strength. We also love that the workouts are fairly easy to do at home, since the only so-called equipment you really need is the weight of your own body, and we really love that we can get our own personal trainers to help us with said workouts thanks to a little website called YouTube. The motivation and extra boost provided by some of the fitness trainers you’ll find on YouTube are amazing and uplifting: Think sassy, encouraging direction, and creative, fun routines. Here, my four favorite YouTube go-tos for full body workouts, all of which are high intensity, cardio- and strength-based, and under forty-five minutes.

Blogilates by Cassey Ho With close to four million subscribers, this sassy gal has been giving us free, amazing bodyweight workouts since 2009. She has a ton of videos, and even training plans to purchase from her website. The following are my favorite quick-burning workouts that different muscle groups.

  • Quick Burn Arms Who says you need weights to work your arms? All you need is your limbs, gravity, and some determination to get through!
  • Brutal Booty Definitely a more challenging butt workout, but so worth it—complete with that accomplished, burning feeling at the end.
  • Happy Hardcore Abs Her energy is infectious in this ab workout. A great, happy, uplifting take on a challenging ab routine.

POPSUGAR Fitness with Jake Dupree With 950 videos, this workout channel features a ton of different trainers and styles, ranging from beginners to advanced. Jake Dupree is my favorite on this channel; he is HILARIOUS. Extra burn from laughing mid-workout is just another bonus!

Christine Salus Christine has a ton of great bodyweight (and weighted) workouts. From ten minute routines to high intensity interval training to silent workouts, this girl does it all. Extra bonus: She has a ton of vegan fitness recipes and tips as well!

FitnessBlender This channel is fantastic for all fitness levels (though the following video is more advanced). The timer countdown makes it easy to see your progress through the workout and the instructions are super clear.

Try these out, see how you do, and let us know in the comments which one was your favorite. Happy workout!

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