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Local Flavor: Here Are The Five Best Vegan-Friendly Restaurants In Barcelona

Our mantra? Eat where the locals do. Here, where to eat everything green and good in Barcelona.

Barcelona is one of the most lusted after cities on the map, thanks to those Mediterranean views and cobblestone streets, that effortless style and—of course—the dizzying array of dining options, from cheap tapas to complex tasting menus.

The city is also on a serious health kick, offering everything from weekly kombucha classes to yoga brunch; we’ve seen more than a few wellness bloggers making the rounds and posting their perfect avocado breakfast on Instagram. And while there are more than a few popular green dining options in Barcelona, we want to highlight the real vegetarian and vegan-friendly gems of the city. The places where the food is fresh, and affordable, and filled with locals. Here, our definitive list of the five best restaurants for vegetarian, vegan and even raw cuisine (introduced to us, in turn, by our favorite Barcelona local-turned-farmer).

1. Amaltea This is one of the original vegetarian restaurants in Barcelona. Its wood-covered interior is a cool, peaceful retreat from the hot and bustling city.

First course options might include gazpacho, Indian dahl or a macrobiotic plate, followed by a second course of Cannelloni with goat cheese or a burrito filled with seitan. Our absolute favorite dish, however, is the vegan burger,  made of buckwheat and served with Spanish tortilla, sweet potato and guacamole.

We recommend going for lunch where you can ask for the menú de mediodía—which comes with two courses, a drink and dessert—for just 10.90€ ($12.47!). Located in the neighborhood of Eixample, it is slightly outside of the center of the city but easily accessible via walking or subway. It is open Monday through Saturday for lunch (1 – 4PM) for lunch and dinner (8 – 11PM).

Vegan Barcelona Spain

2. Ale&Hop Ale y Hop is a local favorite in Barcelona, but few visitors get beyond its impressive selection of handcraft beers from Europe to taste its incredible food. They offer a selection of vegetarian and vegan burgers made with vegetables grown in their very own organic farm. Our favorite is the garbanzo and beet burger. Don’t forget to ask for the sweet potato fries!

Located in the trendy neighborhood of Borne, this is the perfect stop to start or end a night of bar hopping. It’s also high quality food at a great price, especially for an evening meal. Ale y Hop is open from 5 pm to 1:30AM (or later) Monday through Thursday, and opens at 1PM on Saturday and Sunday.

3. Petit Brot Petit Brot is our newest discovery in Barcelona, and it’s changed the way we plan our days. This serene restaurant serves a wonderful, creative menu of organic and raw cuisine, juices and smoothies. You can select the menu de mediodia, which comes with a small soup and dish that changes weekly, or any combination of their standalone dishes.

We love their take on burgers, sushi and tabouleh, but our absolute favorite is the Ensalada de Sol: It’s not only beautiful, but it contains all our superfood crushes, like sprouts, sauerkraut, avocado, and beet hummus. (Check out their Instagram @petitbrot for some inspiration.) We walk away from every meal feeling deeply nourished and relaxed.

The restaurant was started by a young couple who are passionately committed to educating and nourishing their customers. They created the space using all bio-construction techniques and bio-degradable material and source the majority of their organic produce from local farmers.

Petit Brot is open from 12 – 5PM every day except Tuesday.

Vegan Barcelona Spain

Vegan Barcelona Spain

4. L’Hortet Another lunchtime gem, L’Hortet offers a menu with two courses and dessert for 10.90€ ($12.47). Diners choose from an organic salad buffet, soup or the daily special for a starter course, and from a selection of three plates of the day, which are always fresh and delicious, for the main. We once had a pomegranate dressing here that we still dream about.

Located in the center of the city near Las Ramblas and La Boqueria, it is the perfect quiet stop during a day of touring and exploration. It is open every day for lunch (12:30 – 4PM) and for dinner on Friday and Saturday (8 – 11:30PM).

Vegan Barcelona

5. Addis Adeba Addis Adeba is an incredible Ethiopian restaurant with local decor and a buzzy vibe located near the city’s main train station Sants.

Ethiopian cuisine always comes with several small combinations served on top of injera, an East African sourdough-risen flatbread. The vegetarian options come with red lentils, potatoes and carrot roasted in curcumin, broccoli and carrot cooked in coconut milk, greens sauteed in garlic, or chickpeas toasted in ginger.

It is open Tuesday through Sunday from 8PM to midnight, as well as 1:30 – 4PM on the weekends. The menu, which includes combination of plates, drink and dessert, costs 17.50€ ($20) per person.


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