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Treat Your Body With This Effective At-Home Tool

Want a daily massage in the comfort of your own home? Yeah, us too.

Getting a massage on a regular basis is not as feasible as I would like—for my wallet OR my schedule. Cue my new best friend: The foam roller! I find it to be vital to my strength, mobility, and recovery.

I use the TriggerPoint foam roller from TriggerPoint Therapy, an Austin, TX-based company that specializes in mobility tools for the fitness fanatic or rehab regular. I was honestly skeptical of the length, as this foam roller is, at 13 inches in length, half the size of other foam rollers I’ve seen in gyms or used elsewhere.

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Trigger Point GRID Foam Roller
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The size ended up being just what I needed, however, and the roller itself was of much higher quality than most. Instead of a thick pad of foam or pellets, these foam rollers are actually hollowed-out tubes. The outside coating is a firm plastic with hard, foam ridges along the edges in a grid pattern. The unique part is the grid portions are all varying sizes, and it is this grid pattern that makes this foam roller so exceptional at relieving even the deepest areas of pain. My upper back, or thoracic spine, is where I utilize it most. At times, it definitely can be painful, since it is much firmer than a traditional foam roller, but, of course, you can set the intensity by how much of your weight you press into it.

I recommend the TriggerPoint foam roller to all of my clients (and now to you, too). Sold for $25-30 (depending on the color you choose), this foam roller is affordable, too. And with Amazon’s 2-day shipping, well, what are you waiting for?


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