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I Tried It: A Bacteria-Killing Bath Towel

The bacteria-killing bath towel of choice? A bamboo towel.

In my home, we have many idiosyncratic names for things. My boyfriend and I have named our step stool Kevin, we creatively call the mass of clothes that pile on the bedroom floor Floor Clothes, and then there’s the dreaded (and even-more-creatively named) Stink Towel.

Most of you know what type of smelly towel of which I speak. After living with boys in my post-collegiate life, I can say with some level of certainty that it is usually (but not exclusively) something that happens between a man and his towel after a shower. A mix of must and mildew that for some reason clings to terry cloth and cotton no matter how many times you wash it. A smell that you definitely don’t want welcoming you into your tiny Brooklyn bathroom every day.

To get rid of this smell, we’ve been purchasing new towel after new towel, only to have each one fall to the curse of Stink Towel. My research has led me to the knowledge that towels that develop this smell typically are left wet for long periods of time, but we always leave ours hanging up to dry after every wash. And yet, still, Stink Towel strikes again and again.

So I went looking for ways to prevent this smelly curse. The majority of solutions involved running the towels in the laundry with either baking soda or yes, vodka. But as I don’t have my own washing machine, these solutions could never work for me. I had to think outside the laundry room.

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Turkish Bamboo Bath Sheets Towels 2 Piece
Soft and silkiness of cashmere with an absorbency that surpasses cotton.

The answer and our possible savior? Bamboo towels. Not only is the material renewable (and thus environmentally-friendly), but it’s highly-absorbent, breathable, soft, and resistant to odor, mold, and bacteria. These towels have changed the game for us. The ones we purchased are a combo of cotton and bamboo for ultimate plushy softness. After a week of using them and a turn at the laundromat, there’s still no hint that they will fall to the scourge of Stink Towel. I feel blessed.

Right out of the box there was a pleasant scent to these towels, as if they themselves were detoxing the air around them. They were much fluffier than I anticipated, and, because I went for the bath sheet size and not the bath towels, I can basically wrap myself head to toe in them. My guinea pig boyfriend enjoys the softness of the towels as well, and confirms that they still smell excellent. He’s curious to see how the fluffiness will hold up after a few more washes, but so far, so good.


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