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I Tried It: Twenty-One Days Without Complaining (Not Even Once)

Living in a complaint-free world will change your life in more ways than you can imagine, guys.

Is it possible for a bracelet to change your life? Is it possible for a small, purple bracelet to bring you more compassion, happiness and peace every day? It’s not, after all, a magic bracelet. It doesn’t, say, magnetically impact your body’s vibrations to re-write your soul and make you enlightened. This purple bracelet will, however, help you live in a complaint-free world.

A Complaint Free World

Here’s the scoop: One day, while teaching a class on prosperity, a unity minister from Kansas proposed the idea of using a bracelet to “track” any and all complaints. This simple but effective idea grew into a worldwide phenomenon with more than 11 million complaint-free bracelets now being worn in over 106 countries.

a challenge worth trying
A Complaint Free World
How to stop complaining & start enjoying life.

Is this for you? Don’t consider yourself a complainer? I sure didn’t when I started this challenge. Twenty-one days of no complaining? I thought I would breeze through. Well. My first attempt about five months to complete. Now, on my second time through, I am one week in, and on day two.

Why does it take so long if the challenge is just twenty-one days? Because with every complaint, you switch the bracelet to the other hand, and you’re back on day one.

So, yes: This DOES mean that if you’re on day twenty, and you drop your phone on the ground and it smashes to a million pieces, and you say, “Ohhhh damn, now my whole day is ruined, I have to get a whole new phone”, you’re back to day one.

I didn’t realize how many little complaints slipped out of my mouth. Like on a really hot, sunny day that had me sweating and audibly begrudging the weather. Or when someone was rude to me, and I found myself telling another person about it. And even complaining along with someone else’s complaint, not realizing that my attempt at empathy was really feeding the energy of that person’s complaint.

Turns out that a complaint is really anything you say out loud that has the energy of negative judgment. So I can say “Wow, it’s hot outside!” without it being a complaint. I could also say, “It’s soooooo hotttttttttttttttt—I feel sweaty and exhausted”, and, well, that would be a complaint. This is a challenge that is self-directed, and self-mediated.

The more we catch ourselves mid-complaint, the more we develop the capacity to keep catching ourselves. That awareness is the true measure success in this challenge, not making it through the twenty-one days. If we can be honest with ourselves, catch the complaint, and re-pattern the way we interact with the world—and people—that is where true, life-long change will occur. So, ask yourself: Do you really want the energy of complaint in your life?

Apart from the incredible self-awareness that comes with examining and catching this behavior as it occurs, this challenge has the ability to completely transform your life. Here’s what I found to be true.

  • You’ll feel lighter, more happy, and less burdensome, as if it doesn’t matter if it is hot as hell or pouring rain, or if you are dealing with a difficult person or situation. Your happiness is in your own hands, and entirely less dependent on anything that happens outside of you.
  • People will want to be around you even more! To offer a different perspective to their complaints, to offer empathy without sympathetic complaining, and to be that friend who “always seems so darn happy.”
  • You’ll find less and less opportunity to actually complain. Complaints will be less likely to even enter into your mind, let alone saying them out loud. You re-write how you perceive the world and what’s happening around you.

If any of the above sounds good to you, then why not try it out?! Find the bracelets online here.



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