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We've Got You Covered: Five Wellness Apps You Should Download Now

Worry not, want not: These wellness apps will keep your mind, body and soul on track.

Making a commitment to health and wellness is something we all (well, most of us) try to do, but with deadlines coming in, colds creeping up, travel taking over (etcetera etcetera) it can be hard to stay committed. The good news is that we all (well, most of us) own a secret weapon to help us stay on track. It is, in fact, probably right next to you as you read this. It is your smartphone.

Surely we aren’t the first to tout the convenience, sophistication and variety of wellness apps available on said smartphones (if we are: you’re welcome!), but that doesn’t mean we aren’t going to share our picks for the five best wellness apps you should have on your phone. Download these and you’ll find every aspect of your wellness journey covered (and accounted for).

Deliciously Ella Eating well is essential to a healthy lifestyle, but finding new recipes to support our goal of eating well isn’t always so easy. Deliciously Ella changes all that: It is an amazing wellness app offering the eponymous Ella Woodword’s extraordinarily large collection of healthy recipes; the sheer variety of healthy recipes on offer on this app will have you positively spoiled for choice. This app is not free, however, and is priced at $2.20, but, trust us, it is well worth the investment.

Couch to 5K Running is the best form of exercise, and Couch to 5K is an excellent app to get you off (you guessed it) the couch and motivated. The app offers workouts that get harder every week so you can get yourself ready for that 5K marathon (even if it’s just around your local park). Couch to 5K workouts are designed to get your stamina up in a progressive manner so that you can last the full distance in just 8 weeks.

Insight Timer Even a daily ten-minute meditation practice can have a major impact on your lifestyle. Insight Timer is a wellness app that introduces you to the concept of meditation, and teaches you how to use it as a therapeutic tool. You will find more than 2000 meditation guides on Insight Timer, each of which will help you in your practice no matter your level.

My Fitness Pal Calorie Counter is ideal for anyone wanting to be mindful of what they’re eating. This app boasts a database of over 1.1 million foods, and can also provide information to you about the number of the macronutrients you consume each day.

The Five Minute Journal Health and wellness is not just about eating healthy and exercising; it’s also about being happy and grateful for all the good things that you have in your life. Invoke (and celebrate!) this gratitude with The Five Minute Journal: This fabulous wellness app offers you the chance to document things that you are grateful for in a simple manner. You can even add photos in it to enhance your journal entries, and be more inspired.


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